When Will Won’t Win, Will Whines, Or: Why We Root Against Will Power


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IndyCar’s least likable driver routinely disparages the series, the racing, the rules and the competition. In pissing all over his chosen profession and everyone associated with it, Whinin’ Will Power slaps those responsible for his seven figure salary – namely, paying race fans – squarely in the face. It’s high time somebody called him out for this childish complaining and held him to account. It’s past time people stopped tolerating his extremely rude, self-centered behavior – much less celebrating it.

Will “Wah-Wah” Power rarely fails to bite the hand that feeds him, repeatedly ripping IndyCar and his competitors in the most classless manner possible. Such outrageous outbursts go back years, as we’ve comprehensively chronicled since 2015 and more recently last season at Gateway. No doubt he’s earned our nickname, “Sour Grapes” Power, honestly and on more than a few occasions. Yet the big mouthed sore loser is never, ever responsible for his words. Instead, the overwhelming majority of those covering IndyCar continually give the creep a pass. Well not us.


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His most recent tantrum was broadcast live around the globe Sunday during the IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas. After claiming pole in qualifications and leading the entire race, the most senior Penske driver pitted and experienced a drivetrain failure, ending his day and relegating him to last place. That’s racing, as they say – but not for Power. Will wasn’t winning, so of course in keeping with what passes for his character, Will whined.

When interviewed on NBCSN, the unlikable Aussie cravenly complained about the racing, deriding it as a “lottery.” It’s strange how he never uses that line after he wins a race, isn’t it? He continued in a similarly vapid vein, ripping the rule regarding pit lane closure under caution by saying he “hated” the years’ old regulation, which is intended as a safety measure for all drivers. But Power only cares about safety or the rules when he benefts directly, as we shall soon see. In typically low-brow manner, the down and dirty driver from down under called the entire affair “crap” as he abruptly concluded the interview. Stay classy, Will.


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If a driver disagrees with a rule, he should take it up during a drivers’ meeting, or better yet in person with the series’ rules makers during the off season, when rules changes are regularly considered. After all, Power’s been in IndyCar for over a decade now, and fully knows this. The time to bitch and moan about the rules – which apply to everyone equally, and exist for very good reason – is not during a race broadcast in the heat of the moment. The series’ chief complainer has publicly called out IndyCar in this crude manner before, on a number of occasions.

After one of the best IndyCar races in years at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California in 2015, Power again failed to win and immediately went into crybaby mode. He called the race “insane” and whipped out the favorite pejorative of oval track haters everywhere, invoking the dreaded phrase “pack racing.” Whinin’ Will went on to refer to the race as “crazy” – four different times in a single interview – before predicting widespread death and destruction would be rained down upon drivers. Sadly, rather than sanctioning him for conduct detrimental to the series, IndyCar bought his sky is falling bullsh*t, never to return to one of the nation’s premier oval tracks. Sigh.


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As if that showing of his ass weren’t egregious enough, last season following a win at Gateway Motorsports Park in East St. Louis he again ripped the racing in general and specifically a well thought of competitor. Said the ridiculously bad winner, “Kinda mad at Dixon. He pushed me into the marbles.” That’s the highly respected veteran, champion and 500 winner Scott Dixon he was referencing, over a phantom incident no one saw happen or knew quite what he was talking about. This after he’d just beaten the guy. In classic fashion, Power then went on to repeat his diss of Dixon a second time. And let’s not forget his double flip off meltdown back in 2011 either, a terrific tantrum televised to the world after he crashed out at New Hampshire. Again, no sanctions and no accountability.


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Why is this whaaa-mbulance needing wanker allowed to get away with such juvenile unprofessionalism?! How does he maintain even a modicum of a fanbase acting as he does? Is it because he works for the supposedly squeeky clean Roger Penske? That’s not good enough in our view. It’s one thing to make himself and his team look like idiots. It’s quite another to make foolish an entire series, type of racing or accomplished drivers who – unlike him – have earned respect rather than revulsion.

All that – and more – is why we root against the series’ biggest spoilsport, whimperin’ Will Power. It’s why you should, too.