IndyCar: It’s About Time


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After an unprecedented seven month sabbatical, it’s about time the 2015 IndyCar season began. For fans of artistry on wheels, it’s also about time in a larger sense of the word. Two significant events in recent history – Brazil’s abrupt and embarrassing cancellation of IndyCar’s season opener and a thoroughly critical viewing of NASCAR’s – caused us to look at racing in a new and timely way.


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The old adage remains true – time is precious, valuable and fleeting. IndyCar features shorter races than NASCAR, in part a factor of much faster race cars – as much as thirty miles per hour, or some 15% speedier. A casual viewing of races from both series illustrates NASCAR’s timed tardiness, even on television and with certain commentators attempting to obscure the facts.


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Pit stops, pit in laps, pit out laps and lap times in general are all considerably quicker. Continue reading


IndyCar 20/20


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People say hindsight’s 20/20

An Indy driver’s has to be, too

With reflexes on the money

And real heavy with the shoe

 98th Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

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Others say our pilots aren’t athletes

Like those playing with balls or sticks

Doing 220, keeping it outta the seats

Isn’t like catching simple, easy picks


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Eleven Key Reasons the Indy 500 is Better than the Brickyard 400


We here at IRR know from first-hand experience the excitement and exhilaration of race day mornings at IMS. There’s no grander, more magical place to be in the entire racing universe than in Speedway, Indiana on race day (and conversely, no place better avoided every other day of the year).

The sights, sounds and smells are truly unforgettable, leaving their indelible mark upon the memory – and that’s just from the porta-johns outside the Speedway. So in honor of IMS’s profit center – er rather, race – today, here are eleven reasons why the Indy 500 shall always be first in the hearts of our countrymen – and vastly superior to today’s goings on.

Eleven Key Reasons the Indy 500 is Better than the Brickyard 400 –

1. Slightly more intelligible accents amongst the fans (“ya’ll come back, now, ya hear?”)

2. 30+ mph of pure speed, which equals danger

3. Slightly less intelligible accents amongst the drivers (exotic, sophisticated and European)

4. Sexier, sleeker racecars (now, thanks to that bull riding fellow, featuring 100% more bumpers)

5. More Robin Miller

6. Less Daryl Waltrip (“Boogity” on outta town, Daryl)

7. “Title sponsor? We don’t need no stinkin’ title sponsor!”

8. 24/7 AJ Foyt webcam (now with even more napping)

9. Better weather

10. 100 more miles of racing (in a shorter period of time)

11. Wine, cheese AND racing chicken – what a culinary combo!