N@$C@R Predictions & Prognostications: Lost Vegas Edition


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Our cracked crystal ball crew takes another stab at divining NASCAR’s near future in the “Lost Vegas” Edition. Why lost? NASCAR’s visiting Sin City, the most garish place on earth and location of one of our favorite books and films, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” If you’re familiar with the story then you know why it’s lost Vegas. If you’re not, then rush out for the Terry Gilliam directed classic starring Johnny Depp now.


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The irrepressible Hunter S. Thompson – a true inspiration as the original Gonzo journalist – “covers” a chaotic motorbike race in the desert while destroying hotel rooms and partying on and off the Strip. And all NASCAR has to offer is Darrell Waltrip bleating on about two ton, sub-200 mph glorified safety cages on Fox.


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IRR’s divining division looks a lot like the hotel room in “Fear and Loathing,” with their recent NASCAR predictions in somewhat of a shambles. So with the assistance of a beery, dusty, hazy Vegas stupor – and before hotel management shows up at the door – here goes our latest roll of the dice. Mind you when it comes to many of the following prognostications, we wouldn’t bet on it.


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Kurt Busch will still be watching the weekend’s festivities from his Walter White style meth cooking RV, only this weekend his undisclosed location will be much nearer the actual racing. Look out, ladies of Las Vegas.  Continue reading

Atlanta Autopsy: NASCAR’s Fog Bowl


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Ahhh, where to begin with NASCAR‘s Folds of Honor Quick Trip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway broadcast on Fox? The race was completely unremarkable with Jimmy Johnson winning his 71st race on a 1.5 mile oval. Like a football game in the fog, it had way too many needless flags. However, the race weekend had a little bit of everything when it came to the extraneous. Stolen race car? Check. Amateurish qualifying session? Check. New rules, new track bar adjusters, new spoilers? Check, check and check. Entertaining racing on Sunday? Uh, not so much. Johnson’s little son sure was cute, though.


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After a looong delay due to morning rains, the race appropriately enough began under yellow. This turned out to be foreshadowing of the entire afternoon. After only twenty five laps and just as a racing rhythm set in a planned “competition caution” was thrown right on cue. For the record, we’re strongly opposed to these disruptions. Before the race was over, there were a total of ten caution periods and another red flag thrown in for good measure with about twenty laps to go. There wasn’t a short caution among them and as usual several were thrown for “debris” in highly subjective calls. Shockingly and despite NASCAR’s best efforts, the race did eventually end under green. Frankly even that didn’t help our waning interest level. Too many flags!


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With no manufactured yellow/red/green/white/checkered NASCAR finish, Johnson won going away by a margin of nearly two seconds over 2014 series champ Kevin Harvick. In other words it wasn’t really close, nor was it very compelling racing. Continue reading

N@$C@R Predictions and Prognostications: Daytona Edition


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Swept up in the day’s euphoria, we’ve broken down and violated a cardinal rule of ours. Obviously this is a site primarily concerned with IndyCar, although there’s always some crossover in racing and we freely admit Kurt Busch is pure gold. Fully realizing the Daytona 500 is a NASCAR event and not IndyCar, we rationalized by saying at least it’s racing (of sorts). It’s either this or wait another five weeks for St. Pete and frankly our patience has run out.

IRR’s special soothsaying division predicted as much, having its special one off NASCAR prognostications for Daytona ready in advance. From race winner to attendance to levels of violence, our fortune tellers provide a comprehensive vision of NASCAR’s near-future. We predict you’ll be amazed at what they’ve divined.


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Fewer heads will be smashed into motor home walls this year, though the total won’t reach zero with Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski still in the series.  Continue reading