Ten Reasons Sage Karam Deserves an IndyCar Ride


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1. Iowa. If you’ve seen the young lad’s breathtaking run to third in the cornfields outside Newton, then you understand why we’re such tremendous fans of oval racing as well as “Wild Man” Karam. If not, then see this.

2. Obviously Sage is an attractive and talented American racer who acquitted himself well and created some buzz in his rookie season. For the love of storylines, somebody in the IndyCar paddock needs to bring him back.


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What’s Michael Andretti Thinking? Or, Michael’s Murky, Muddled Mind


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Winner of forty two open wheel races and 1991 Champ Car champ, Michael Andretti unquestionably has lived up to the lofty Andretti IndyCar reputation, certainly more so than his son Marco. As for the supposed curse, the fifty two year old Andretti has won the Indianapolis 500 as an owner, but never did in sixteen starts as a driver.


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Despite his ownership success, including championships at Andretti Autosport and Ryan Hunter-Reay’s 500 victory last May, since then our concern has grown for Mario’s eldest and most famous son. Due to some highly dubious recent statements and actions we feel compelled to ask, what on earth is Michael Andretti thinking?

Firestone 550 - Practice

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What if IndyCar Aero Kits Look Ugly, Silly Or Old Fashioned?


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IndyCar’s long anticipated debut of new aero kits will come in mid March at Barber Motorsports Park in everyone’s favorite state Alabama. The changeable chassis parts’ appearance – wings, noses and the like – remains to be seen, though that hasn’t prevented speculation, concept drawings and some leaked long range photos from surfacing. Nor has it soothed our growing toothache over the matter.


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IndyCar News Week in Review: The New Year’s New Site Edition


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IndyCar Falls From Sky Into Indianapolis Party, No One Injured: It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane – it’s an IndyCar! Dropping from the sky like Dale Coyne drivers was a strangely zebra striped Dallara in downtown Indy on New Year’s. Other than the hideous paint scheme the most surprising aspect of the event/stunt was that it hadn’t been pulled before. Besides, is an IndyCar falling to earth really the image the series wants to portray? We’d prefer James Hinchcliffe dropping in James Bond style on a zip line with his WAG on his arm at midnight. Now THAT’S entertainment!


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2015 Arrived At Night: Continue reading

Fool, Britannia! An IndyCar Intervention


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Having lived, loved and taught in England, your author has a special fondness in his heart for almost everything British (with the exceptions of the food and weather), but most especially her people. It’s an endlessly historic and fascinating nation full of wonderfully accented, polite and thin folks. As The Stranger once said, “and in English, too.”


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92nd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race: a Photo Retrospective

cropped-1.jpgPhoto from Indy Race Reviewer

May 25, 2008 was a gorgeous day in Speedway, Indiana with sunshine and a large crowd in attendance for the ninety second running of the Indianapolis 500. As we made our way to our traditional first turn seats in stand B, row Z the sights, sounds and electricity of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing fully lived up to their billing.


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Indy Sells (An Annual Date in May)


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Dashing to the show, on an annual date in May

O’er interstates we go, texting all the way

Tones on smart phones ring, Verizon bills outta sight

Traffic’s terrible in Speedway after the 500 mile delight

Indy Sells, Indy Sells, Indy all the way

Oh what fun it is to pay for Speedway’s Month of May

Indy Sells, Indy Sells, Indy all the way

Oh what fun it is to pay for Speedway’s Month of May


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IndyCar News Week in Review: The Less is More? Edition


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Target Just Got Smaller: In particularly ominous news out of North Carolina appropriately enough, retail giant Target is reducing its sponsorship of TCGR’s IndyCar effort after 25 years in IndyCar racing. This despite a spokesman attempting to downplay the horrible news, saying it’s “just reallocating dollars” according to an AP article. Apparently funding for Indianapolis 500 winner Tony Kanaan’s #10 car will be cut, though he will return sponsored by NTT Data. The most stinging part of the news is that the funds are going to NASCAR, as well as tv spots with Scott Dixon and Kyle Larson. This is not a positive sign for the health of the series, though not everyone will shed tears for Chip the Hutt.


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Ryan Hunter-Reay: IndyCar’s Matthew Modine


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In our ongoing efforts toward the Hollywood-ization of IndyCar – the tinselly celebrity, emotionally uplifting and magical parts of Hollywood, not its utterly out of ideas, irrelevancy and self indulgent aspects – we bring you the latest comparison of an IndyCar champion to his movie star doppelganger. While the similarities are striking in these two enigmatic stars’ countenances, there are a number of other parallels between Ryan Hunter-Reay and Matthew Modine, apart from the fact that many fans around the world “love them long time.”


Photos from basementrejects.com and zimbio.com

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An Interview With Will Power’s Helmet


We’re delighted to publish our first major IndyCar interview (and also make our competitors green with envy). We don’t count last summer’s attempted interview with Tomas Scheckter (the ex-driver, not his head gear) who for some reason chose not to participate in the Orson Welles piece. He sent a few non-responsive Tweets, one half assed email reply and some irrelevant pictures of lap dogs. Unlike Scheckter, Power’s helmet was fully cooperative, stimulating and intellectually engaged. The main point we took away from our meeting is that Power’s helmet is no mere empty head covering, but rather a driving part of the championship effort.

Will Power’s Bell Helmet was made in Champaign, Illinois and like all helmets used in the IndyCar series consists primarily of carbon fiber, Nomex and Rayon. It’s been with him the entire season, enduring all the highs and lows of Power’s prodigious five month campaign across the Americas. From his fourteenth place finishes in Houston and Iowa to his winning the title in the Fontana finale, Power’s helmet was there, perched atop Will’s balaclava covered skull through it all.


Photo from usatoday.com

Now facing retirement and a significant life change, Power’s helmet sat down with us last weekend for a revealing and insightful discussion of racing and life atop Power’s noggin.

IRR: First off, a sincere thank you for taking some time for our little blog. We really appreciate it. You’d be surprised how few major stars of the racing world are willing to speak to us. So, how does it feel to be the 2014 IndyCar Champion’s helmet? Continue reading