IndyCar Toronto Preview: Canuck Concrete Car Crusher


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Prepare for carnage, cautions and churlishness in Canada on Sunday. The last four races at Exhibition Place have averaged four cautions each, with a first lap pile up last year and multiple red flags in the rain. Compared to Texas that’s a demolition derby. The course is a challenging combination of concrete and asphalt even in dry conditions, which were almost completely absent in 2014. There was no such excuse for 2013. Historically Toronto’s a Canuck concrete car crusher and a godsend for Italy’s Dallara Automibili. North of the border, it’s free gelato for everyone!


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Appropriate for Canada, last year’s double headers were won by a Frenchman and an Englishman – Sebastien Bourdais and Mike Conway. All this Euro flair occurred on Sunday due to rain completely washing Saturday out and was the first one day double header with full points since 1981. As a result of the humidity both races were shortened and the second was timed. TCGR’s Scott Dixon swept the 2013 double header, winning the crash-fest second race – with a total of seven caution flags – under yellow.


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The thirty first IndyCar race to take place in Toronto looks to be dry for a pleasant change this season and will be a stand-alone race for the first time since 2012. Continue reading


IndyCar Aero Kits Look Ugly, Silly and New Fangled


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It’s no secret that we’ve never been fans of the DW-12, choosing instead to rather obstinately cling to the old fashioned belief that open wheel race cars should actually be open wheeled. As noted previously on this site, the current trend in IndyCar chassis design is neither visually pleasing nor true to the nature of the sport. Looking like something caught from the Marianas trench, IndyCar’s latest iteration is most decidedly not helpful to this eyeful end. We say nuts to that.

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After great secrecy and build up to Chevy’s introduction of their aero kits, the reaction has been predictably underwhelming and justifiably so. Drawings, for goodness sake? Largely holding our pens on this point of the rather ungainly appearance of Chevy’s effort, that’s about to change. The road and short oval kits will supposedly provide a bit more speed, but judging by the artist depictions they look ugly, silly and needlessly new fangled.

“Winglets on stalks” is how one author described those things sticking out from the front wing of the car. They aren’t exactly what most fans of artistry on wheels had in mind as an upgrade over the dated, boxy and cumbersome Dallaras. Safety concerns notwithstanding, more mass on the rear wing/bumper isn’t what’s needed, either. Quite frankly the whole package looks somewhat ridiculous. Our acceptance of these changes can only improve over time, as our initial reaction couldn’t be any worse.


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We have several important concerns. Continue reading