Some IndyCar Owners Need To Seriously Step It Up, Part 1


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Dale Coyne, the legendary A.J. Foyt and Michael Andretti all draw admonishment.

Having made our views methanol clear on the dire direction in which Mark Miles is taking the series – think “Willow Creek” scary – there’s another area of glaring weakness in IndyCar. This too is an issue of leadership, or more precisely a distinct lack thereof. Several owners – one of whom happens to be a legend, while another’s a near legend – need to radically up their teams’ performance both for themselves and for the sake of the sport. It pains us to have to write it, but amateur hour is long over and has no place in big league racing. For the good of IndyCar – think of the 100th Indy 500! – Dale Coyne, A.J. Foyt and Michael Andretti all need to seriously step up their games.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Dale Coyne tops this ignominious list for good reason, as his rag-tag operation has been a perennial cellar dweller and laughing stock for decades now. In Coyne’s case the problem goes beyond mere poor performance though. Laboring under a shoe string budget and a constantly rotating lineup of drivers of dubious distinction, Coyne’s haphazard approach finally caught up to the Chicagoan’s pitiable team last season.


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Coyne’s pit crew paid a heavy price for his ineptitude with numerous pit lane accidents injuring no fewer than four crewmen. Considering this sordid spate of pit collisions Continue reading