Daffy Leigh Diffey (An IndyCar Commentator’s Tale)


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

NBCSN’s lead announcer is seriously funny, often without even trying.

You know Leigh Diffey if nothing else from his amusing accent. He’s the great big bloke on tv with an even bigger mug. Semi-famous as the (enormous) face of the IndyCar and F1 commentariate on NBCSN, he’s almost bigger than life. He also happens to have a head roughly the size of a Firestone. It’s said that Leigh once got his enormous noggin too close to a confused tire changer in the heat of the action – with near disastrous results. Fortunately both the crewman and air gun survived.


Photo from motorsports.nbcsports.com

A real sport, Diffey calls F1 and IndyCar races indifferently. The talkative, if not fluent, talking head seamlessly transitions from one bunch of European and South American drivers with funny names like Kimi, Nico, Nico and Sebastian to the other bunch of European and South American drivers with funny names like Helio, Tony, Simon and Sebastien. While we’re on the subject, how about that label on Leigh? You suppose he caught any grief growing up down under in the ’70s with a moniker like that? Maybe they all have hilarious handles down there, who knows. He is from somewhere called Queensland, after all.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Truly international in resume and style, Diffey has obvious, bulging talent. Vaguely resembling the Michelin man, had he not caught on as a television personality he no doubt would’ve become a successful Saturday morning cartoon character. Come to think of it, working with David Hobbs, Steve “Whoaa!” Matchette and Jon Beekhuis (not to mention Paul Tracy) on a lowly NBC cable channel isn’t that far off. Continue reading