When Will Won’t Win, Will Whines, Or: Why We Root Against Will Power


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IndyCar’s least likable driver routinely disparages the series, the racing, the rules and the competition. In pissing all over his chosen profession and everyone associated with it, Whinin’ Will Power slaps those responsible for his seven figure salary – namely, paying race fans – squarely in the face. It’s high time somebody called him out for this childish complaining and held him to account. It’s past time people stopped tolerating his extremely rude, self-centered behavior – much less celebrating it.

Will “Wah-Wah” Power rarely fails to bite the hand that feeds him, repeatedly ripping IndyCar and his competitors in the most classless manner possible. Such outrageous outbursts go back years, as we’ve comprehensively chronicled since 2015 and more recently last season at Gateway. No doubt he’s earned our nickname, “Sour Grapes” Power, honestly and on more than a few occasions. Yet the big mouthed sore loser is never, ever responsible for his words. Instead, the overwhelming majority of those covering IndyCar continually give the creep a pass. Well not us.


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His most recent tantrum was broadcast live around the globe Sunday during the IndyCar Classic at Circuit of the Americas. Continue reading

IndyCar Gives Drivers The Finger – And Some Deserve It


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IndyCar’s new addendum to Rule 9 regarding detrimental conduct toward the series and its competitors provoked much wailing and gnashing of teeth Tuesday when it was announced. Judging by the reaction in the press and Twitter environs, we think many of the windier wind bags doth protest too much, as usual. Because common sense once existed and thrived in this country, no major professional sports league allows its participants to publicly belittle the sport. IndyCar only fortified its stance in this regard after a number of drivers did exactly that in California.

Will Power and Juan Montoya‘s utterances following the thrilling MAVTV 500 at Fontana were completely unacceptable. Their degrading judgments were way out of line and as we wrote deserved action. Now action has been taken. Don’t blame IndyCar however, blame Power and Montoya.


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A study of society shows that’s the way it almost always works – a few bad apples, malcontents, idiots or incompetents screw things up for everybody else by bringing about new rules that everyone had lived perfectly well without. That’s why freedom today’s in so much jeopardy. Power and Montoya are those two kids in class who can’t resist eating the paste, so because of them nobody gets craft time. Thanks a lot, losers.


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But wait. IndyCar honcho Mark Miles insisted Continue reading