Circular Reasoning: Fitting a Square Series into Round Tracks, Part Two


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

When Brian began discoursing again, we were forced to open another bar tab after just having closed one out. It isn’t the first time we’ve had to do this, but with a sense of duty we gladly did so once again on IRR’s account. Wouldn’t miss the rest of BC‘s remarks on oval racing’s decline for the world.


Photo from Brian Carroccio

“A second thing to think about is the content – or lack thereof – at many of the IndyCar oval events. Pocono, for example, had an  eight car Indy Lights race on a 2.5-mile track as the support event. Where’s the value for the paying customer there? Fontana had a vintage IndyCar showcase as the only support event. I love vintage cars, but that’s not giving the paying customer much bang for the buck.”


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Yet more controversy from Mr. Carroccio – we were absolutely loving it. So much so in fact that we ordered him another White Russian, along with another round for ourselves. Such truth telling deserved a reward, we rationalized. These drinks like all the others went on IRR’s tab. Continue reading