Josef Newgarden Won’t Be Racing Anytime Soon


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The rising American IndyCar star who suffered multiple broken bones in a recent frightening accident at Texas hasn’t somehow discovered a magic healing elixir. It’s flatly irresponsible to suggest he’ll be racing this weekend, or for that matter anytime soon. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but reality is reality.


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Broken clavicles and hands – both of which are fairly important when wheeling around chariots of speed without benefit of power steering – obviously take time to heal. More time than a week and a half. The mere suggestion by some in the press and, what’s worse, from his team owner Ed Carpenter that he could race this weekend at Road America is lunatic fringe stuff.


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The fact that his name appears on the Kohler Grand Prix entrant list is just absurd – something we know all about. But it’s worse than that. It’s also deceptive.  Continue reading

Bernie Ecclestone: F1’s Jonathan Gruber


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Like MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber’s spilling the beans on the Obamacare sham, F1 billionaire boss Bernie Ecclestone has likewise divulged a bit too much truth in recent interviews. On Friday Bernie again let ‘er rip from that tiny, shriveled, black heart of his, stating on that in his unbiased view young fans are unimportant due to their lack of funds. Continue reading