Grand Prix of Indy Preview: Hors d’ Oeuvres Edition

IGP start

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Last year’s inaugural Indy Grand Prix on the revamped IMS road course featured some frightening moments, including a spectacular collision when pole sitter Sebastien Saavedra stalled it on the standing start and was smashed into by former Schmidt driver Mad Russian Mikhail Aleshin. In a separate horrifying incident during the race flying debris struck The Honorable Mayor James Hinchcliffe in the head briefly incapacitating the crazy Canuck while still very much behind the wheel. Incredibly James was only the second Mayor hit by flying carbon fiber pieces that day as Mayor Greg Ballard was struck at the start. Other than those unsettling and deleterious circumstances, IndyCar’s first race through the snake pit went off without a hitch. That is, unless one finds a Frenchman winning such an historic race on hallowed ground to be irksome, in which case last year’s event was a highly distasteful affair.


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Thankfully IndyCar’s done away with the ridiculous F-1 wanna-be standing starts this year. The drivers and cars could never quite seem to master them anyway. The Speedway brass in their infinite new found financial wisdom have also severely upped the signage at the historic racetrack this year, Continue reading