If Don Rickles Did IndyCar


Photo from comedybeat.com

The insult impresario of comedy made many laugh, and a few others furious. We only wish the legendary Mr. Warmth had lived long enough to have a go at this IndyCar group. Wait, Rickles is still alive?! OK, then we only wish he still had the mental capacity to rip these guys some new ones. Had he, here’s what it might be like – and how delightfully mean.


Roger Penske? Greatest owner in the history of the sport, most Indy 500 wins, classy drivers from Emo to Helio. I never really liked the guy.

Don’t get me started on that Will Power fella. What a douche. The guy even manages to give Australians a bad name!


Photo from usatoday.com

There’s a ton of talent in this league. It just so happens that Marco possesses none of it.

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