Sixteen Predictions for the 2016 IndyCar Season


Including the 100th Indy 500, Team Penske, Mad Will Power and more.

It’s been some time since our Predictions and Prognostications Department actually earned their lavish salaries and expense accounts, so it’s high time they did. After an up and down 2015 season they’ve dusted off the old crystal ball and are due for some duesies.


The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 mile extravaganza will occur, despite the exceptionally inept Mark Miles‘ shoddy efforts. Overcoming the series’ serious lack of leadership, an American nevertheless will emerge to win the historic race – albeit in an Italian car.

Mark Miles Flying Circus

Speaking of cars, expect still more flipping at Indianapolis this year thanks to those flipping aero kits, and also due to the near octogenarian Mario Andretti being back behind the wheel of the two seater. Cleared for takeoff.  Continue reading

If IndyCar Were ‘Star Wars’


If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Newgarden would play the new Skywalker –

With Penske as Darth Vader, Andretti as Leia,

And Montoya the Empire’s hawker.


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If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

Graham Rahal‘d be a great Han Solo –

He’s tall and handsome, holds races for ransom,

With a Force that makes him shout “YOLO!”


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If IndyCar were ‘Star Wars,’

It’d be setting records, acclaimed as number one –

With throngs of fans, and clapping hands,

Instead of a collection of legacy sons.


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