Helpful Advice If You’re Attending the 100th Indy 500


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Get there early. By early, we mean the day before so you can join in our gate crashing of IMS and unauthorized all night, blowout pre-race party in the infield. Pack your two o’clock in the morning courage and live a little with IRR. Think about it, how can they stop thousands of us? We’ll put Cavin’s measly burger bash to shame and be the ones firing off the cannon at six a.m.


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Bring lots of beer and booze. We plan to, as our rule of thumb is to bring as much alcohol as you can possibly carry or haul into the Speedway, and then some. Remember they don’t sell spirits on the hallowed grounds, only delicious tenderloins.


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

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IndyCar News Week in Review: The New Year’s New Site Edition


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IndyCar Falls From Sky Into Indianapolis Party, No One Injured: It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane – it’s an IndyCar! Dropping from the sky like Dale Coyne drivers was a strangely zebra striped Dallara in downtown Indy on New Year’s. Other than the hideous paint scheme the most surprising aspect of the event/stunt was that it hadn’t been pulled before. Besides, is an IndyCar falling to earth really the image the series wants to portray? We’d prefer James Hinchcliffe dropping in James Bond style on a zip line with his WAG on his arm at midnight. Now THAT’S entertainment!


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