IndyCar: It’s About Time


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After an unprecedented seven month sabbatical, it’s about time the 2015 IndyCar season began. For fans of artistry on wheels, it’s also about time in a larger sense of the word. Two significant events in recent history – Brazil’s abrupt and embarrassing cancellation of IndyCar’s season opener and a thoroughly critical viewing of NASCAR’s – caused us to look at racing in a new and timely way.


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The old adage remains true – time is precious, valuable and fleeting. IndyCar features shorter races than NASCAR, in part a factor of much faster race cars – as much as thirty miles per hour, or some 15% speedier. A casual viewing of races from both series illustrates NASCAR’s timed tardiness, even on television and with certain commentators attempting to obscure the facts.


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Pit stops, pit in laps, pit out laps and lap times in general are all considerably quicker. Continue reading

Daytona Debrief: A Dystopian Dud


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Penske Racing’s Joey Logano won NASCAR‘s “Super Bowl of Racing” yesterday at Daytona International Speedway. The nicest item we’ve to report? At least the audience wasn’t subjected to Katy Perry parading around on a giant tiger. Also, America learned how many female soccer players it takes to start a NASCAR race. It’s three.


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The Indy 500 it clearly wasn’t, although admittedly the three wide racing in the last quarter of the race was enjoyable to watch. With the Captain in victory circle again for a fleeting moment – after several hours of drinking, mind you – we were almost fooled. Happily, Joey Logano didn’t climb the fence and we quickly regained our senses.


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Like a Lifetime movie – though that could simply be the “Busch effect” –  the ending was painful, anti-climactic and left us wanting. Continue reading

N@$C@R Predictions and Prognostications: Daytona Edition


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Swept up in the day’s euphoria, we’ve broken down and violated a cardinal rule of ours. Obviously this is a site primarily concerned with IndyCar, although there’s always some crossover in racing and we freely admit Kurt Busch is pure gold. Fully realizing the Daytona 500 is a NASCAR event and not IndyCar, we rationalized by saying at least it’s racing (of sorts). It’s either this or wait another five weeks for St. Pete and frankly our patience has run out.

IRR’s special soothsaying division predicted as much, having its special one off NASCAR prognostications for Daytona ready in advance. From race winner to attendance to levels of violence, our fortune tellers provide a comprehensive vision of NASCAR’s near-future. We predict you’ll be amazed at what they’ve divined.


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Fewer heads will be smashed into motor home walls this year, though the total won’t reach zero with Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski still in the series.  Continue reading