Beekhuis Out After Brief Tenure As Race Steward


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Longtime motor sports reporter Jon Beekhuis has confirmed to Indy Race Reviewer that he will not be an IndyCar race steward for the 2015 season. His role will consist of television pit reporter with both ABC and NBCSN only. It’s set to be less busy year for Beekhuis since giving up his race steward duties he acquired late last season. As Derrick Walker recently explained of the new system under Chief Steward Brian Barnhart, three stewards will operate as a committee with majority rule on calls. Walker likened Barnhart’s position to that of a “team manager” who must consider various viewpoints and then make a decision.

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Exactly why Beekhuis left the race control triumvirate after such a brief stay remains unclear, though he cryptically left open the possibility of a return at some point in the future, writing you “never know.”  Continue reading