Toronto Predictions & Prognostications: Penske’s Province


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but Team Penske’s won two of the last three races held in Ontario – and their current drivers have won three of the last four. Fact is, thanks to IndyCar’s current road course heavy, ridiculously redundant schedule, these totally one-sided results are fast becoming a joke.


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Our special prediction for Sunday is a dash more excitement than the ramshackle racing the streets of Toronto usually provides. Why, you ask? Because wild man Sage Karam‘s making an extraordinary appearance in the field, so expect things to be spiced up a bit more than usual north of the border – a place known for its blandness. Hiring the fearless young Pennsylvanian is the most taste Carlin Racing’s shown since effectively showing Charlie “pinball” Kimball the door. We’re glad our hashtag finally paid off for Sage.

Pole sitter will likely be a Penske pilot, predictably, as they’ve started P1 the last two times in TO. Newkid started from pole last year, while his teammate Simon Pagenaud sat atop pole the previous year. That’s why we’re going with Whinin’ Will Power to lead the field to green come race day. Prepare for more of Will’s whining, though – pole sitter rarely wins at Exhibition Place.


First out will be Max “Paris” Chilton, the Carlin Racing part timer who flat out refuses to run ovals. Turns out he’s not very good on road courses either, as Sunday will once again positively prove. It’s high time that Max, like his Prime Minister back in England Teresa May, look for more suitable employment. Come to think of it, Canada’s PM Mr. Trudeau should strongly consider it, as well.

The biggest surprise of the weekend will be Ed Jones’ performance for Ed Carpenter Racing. Carp’s team won back to back races in TO a few years ago with Mike Conway and Josef Newgarden, and Jones is due after an impressive rookie start a couple years ago but a whole lot of nothing ever since. Anticipate a strong showing from the team and Ed “Dubai” Jones in his red rocket. Or is that camel?!


Race winner will collect his fourth win on the season and further grow his championship points lead. American Josef Newgarden’s triumph will not only piss off the paying Canucks, but also drive home exactly how much of a joke Toronto’s event, the series’ lack of competition and its silly, sordid schedule truly are.







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