Road America Predictions and Prognostications: Let Down Edition

RA Letdown

If you like seeing wins from pole, precious little passing and lots and lots of fuel saving at interstate speeds, then you’ll love the Rev Group Grand Prix. Coming on the heels of Texas, for fans of fast it’ll be a total let down.

Our special prediction for Sunday’s really, really redundant road race is that riveting racing will be ridiculously rare. With a grand total of about one and a half passing zones – and that’s being charitable – Road America is one of the least entertaining tracks IndyCar visits, right down there at the bottom with Mid-Ohio. And concerning this sorry schedule of races, that’s saying something.


Pole sitter is likely to be Alex Rossi for Andretti Autosport. It’s no secret the Andrettis know their way around RA, minus Marco of course. The clear star of AA, Rossi’s already won two poles this season and looks likely to make it three come Saturday. Obviously that’s assuming the future Penske pilot can beat the times of the Cap’n’s current boys, which allows for no let down at all.

First out of the race will be the supposed road course specialist, Max “Paris” Chilton. Too timid and tepid to compete on oval tracks, the effeminate Englishman has never won on a road course, either. He is extremely competent at exiting events early though, routinely disappointing his dozens of fans.


The biggest surprise of the race will come if it doesn’t rain on race day. It’s been exceptionally wet in the Midwest (or is that Midwet?) this spring, and the chances appear good of rain impacting Sunday’s race, too. Don’t fret however, as moisture is the one way to liven up an otherwise tiresome, tedious track’s tableau. Matter of fact, we’ll feel disillusioned if Sunday turns out to be anything but wet.

One prognostication won’t be a downer, however. Sunday’s race winner has visited Road America’s victory lane before, two years ago to be exact. IndyCar legend Scott “Gump” Dixon will take his second victory at Road America in his storied career Sunday. It’ll not only keep his championship hopes alive, but also make the points race a whole lot more interesting for the last half of the season. That’s something to look forward to, at least – unlike Sunday’s sorry excuse of a schedule stretcher.








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