Detroit GP Predictions and Prognostications: Mixed Bag Edition


Resembling a hot rod hodgepodge the last half decade, racing on the roads of Belle Isle varies widely when it comes to viewing quality. Fortunately though, something of interest almost always occurs during the medley that is IndyCar’s only annual doubleheader. So you’re getting two times the racing – and predictions! – for the price of one.

Our special prediction for the Detroit Grand Prix is that it’ll be a mixed bag, a melange if you will, with an entertaining race (for a street course) one day and an absolute laugher the next. This race has seen squirrels and other rodents feature prominently, the pace car crash and the track surface literally crumble and fall apart – and that’s only lately. Oh, and let’s not forget that the home team Penske stumbles and falls in Detroit fairly regularly. This last one’s enough in the mixture to keep us coming back for more.


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Pole sitters for this weekend’s extravaganza of speed will be an interesting combination. The unlikable and volatile Will Power and the tantrum throwing Alexander Rossi will both earn a P1 award, destroying any hopes of diversity – much less calm reserve – at the front of the field.

First out of this jumbled assortment of races will be Max Chilton and Graham Rahal. Chilton’s nearly always first out at Detroit, and frankly who can blame the posh Englishman? It’s not exactly west London, is it?! Rahal utilized his Motor City luck all up a couple years ago when he swept the entire weekend. In a Honda.



The biggest surprise of the entire smorgasbord will be if weather doesn’t impact the two days of racing. Whether a totally inadequate track surface or the weather, it seems like conditions usually play a role in the Detroit montage, often to the benefit of the racing as in 2015, but sometimes to the detriment of the show, as in 2015.

Race winners in this weekend’s collection of car competitions will be Alex Rossi and Sebastien Bourdais, and not necessarily in that order. We hinted at Bourdais’ success in our Preview, and figure Rossi’s road rage from the 500 will carry over sufficiently to shake things up at Belle Isle. Another Honda sweep in GM’s hometown will illustrate just what a patchwork company General Motors has become.















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