IndyCar Classic Preview: A F-ing F1 F-You to Fans


The series’ first visit to Circuit of the Americas is an outright affront to fans of fast on the face of it, as bad as spoiled spawn of your social betters scandalously enjoying outrageously unfair advantages in college admissions – if not worse.

With a gratuitous twenty turns, the nearly three and a half mile road course called COTA was purpose built for Bernie’s money burning bunch back in 2012. IndyCar’s f-ing F1 invasion continues unabated in Texas, as evidenced by – among other things – this atrocious addition to the sickly, sorry schedule. Another rambling, redundant road course really isn’t what the series needs – or what discerning fans want. Turn happy circuits currently make up a full 70% of the slate, relegating IndyCar’s oval racing heritage to a level lower than Theresa May’s Brexit approval ratings.

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Making matters worse, this so-called “classic” at Austin’s answer to an anaconda both detracts from and needlessly antagonizes one of IndyCar’s best and oldest partners, Eddie Gossage’s Texas Motor Speedway. In so doing, the geniuses at 16th & Georgetown risk the loss of yet another awe inspiring oval track from the line up, thus continuing IndyCar’s precipitous slide towards becoming f-ing F1 lite. In other words, classic Mark Miles and co. As we’ve noted with Michigan, Fontana, Chicagoland, Kentucky and other exquisite oval tracks, once squandered – think mainstream media outlets’ former credibility – it’s nearly always gone forever.


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So expect the same old roster of road course specialists to put on another appalling, pretentious parade next weekend, at the expense of anything approaching compelling racing, exciting overtaking, side by side racing, breathtaking speeds or anything else that used to differentiate IndyCar from other series. On Sunday when an overwhelming feeling that you’ve seen this race before hits you squarely, it’s because you have – at Mid-Ohio, Barber, Road America, Sonoma and on those rare occasions when you’re so bored and insomniacal you catch yourself watching F1. Don’t particularly like it? Too bad. Like F1, IC says F-you!


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That’s entirely unsatisfactory to us. Much like Hollywood has-beens with kids too dumb to get into USC (and similar second rate colleges), when it comes to IndyCar racing we at IRR demand more.







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