Pocono Predictions and Prognostications: Promises, Promises


Sunday’s ABC Supply 500 promises to be powerful viewing as both the final 500 miler and penultimate oval track race of the season.

The special prediction for Pocono entails another exquisite exhibition of open wheel racing on an oval track, we promise. Last year’s race was a highlight of the season, and as we noted in our preview the Pocono show’s actually gotten better and better through the years. A caveat to this prognostication is that there’s always the potential IndyCar, still learning the “new cars” after eight months, could screw it up with its ever changing rules and regulations.


Pick for pole position is defending champ Josef Newgarden. Team Penske’s proved more than promising in qualifying lately, and truth be told IndyCar’s qualifying format yields largely luck of the draw grids anyway. The later one’s turn on track is, the better the conditions become and more info from teammates is gleaned. So, we’re picking Newkid to go out last for Penske and pick up a relatively rare P1 award for the full of promise Tennessean.

First out of the 500 miler will be Conor Daly, who’s again handling the reins for Harding Racing this weekend. Thus far Daly has looked promising in his audition for next season, but historically he’s had terrible luck on ovals in general and in 500 milers in particular. In five tries at Indy for instance, he’s finished last, averaged 27th and turned in an embarrassing three DNFs. Perhaps Conor’s been a bit distracted at the fast tracks.


Photo from twitter.com

The biggest surprise of the day will be the amount of carnage inflicted on the cars. Attrition’s part of any 500 mile race, but with season’s end in sight and pilots already jockeying for rides next season, expect plenty of crashes and cautions come Sunday. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything approaching a crash-fest – last year at Texas – but with Tony “Time to Call It Quits” Kanaan still in the series we can promise you it’s coming.

Race winner will be 100th Indy 500 victor Alex Rossi. He’s displayed extraordinary determination this season – see Long Beach – seemingly reinvigorated and in the thick of the championship hunt. Andretti Autosport obviously has the big ovals tuned in and that combination will be unbeatable come Sunday. It’ll also tighten up the title chase, promisingly enough.


Enjoy the race – we promise we will – and check back post-race for our promised “Pocono Race Review.”





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