Pocono Preview: The Pusillanimous Needn’t Apply


The pusillanimous needn’t apply this weekend as IndyCar penetrates the Poconos, with pilots parrying perilously for a paltry pittance and precious little prestige. After all, this ain’t NASCAR.

In furtherance of the point, speeds Sunday will exceed 215 miles an hour and be performed by drivers without roofs, windshields or fenders – much less the distraction of a drug addled CEO. That’s one positive we’ll point out about Mark Miles: he isn’t Brian France. In IndyCar mere helmets and the relative safety of open wheel car technology provide the protection. The only real racing series left on the planet features truly brave drivers who even do it sans halos.


Will “The Ugly” Power improbably prevailed the last two years running, while Ryan “The Bad” Hunter-Reay won the 2015 race. That day saw the tragic death of driver Justin Wilson, who was one tough, talented Englishman. Despite the loss of JWil and to the series’ credit, they’ve returned to the track ever since and hopefully will continue to do so in the future. “What’s Wrong With” Juan Montoya, since retired, won in 2014 after Scott “The Good” Dixon prevailed the previous year in the series’ return to the monstrous, two and a half mile oval.

The racing – always thrilling on large ovals – has gotten steadily better during IndyCar’s recent run at Pocono, though admittedly Dixie’s win was a laugher. By contrast last year’s contest proved to be one of the most enjoyable shows of the entire season, the victor notwithstanding. It begs the question as to why more outstanding oval tracks aren’t incorporated into the overly road course heavy schedule by series honchos, something we’ve been advocating for years now.


Photo from poconoraceway.com

As you’ve no doubt already gathered, we’re positively pumped for IndyCar’s perennial pop into Pennsylvania. Previewing Pocono’s proved a pure pleasure. Tune in Sunday and you’ll see why we’re so fervent in the belief that open wheel oval racing’s the absolute pinnacle of the sport. It’s just a pity there isn’t more of it.

Check back soon for our ever popular “Pocono Predictions.”





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