Road America Predictions and Prognostications: Malodorous Edition


If winning’s the best deodorant (to paraphrase Liz Taylor for the purposes of racing), then why does Will Power’s stench remain so stubbornly enduring? It’s a rhetorical question obviously, but seems relevant heading into a place like Road America. The answer lies in the unlikable Aussie’s status with Team Penske, recently reinforced since his fluky 500 win.

Our special prediction for the race is an underdog kinda contest, which is both positive and welcome in the wake of Power’s meteoric rise in the standings since May. The kind of racer you want to root for, he isn’t. But plenty of those aromatic sorts you do enjoy pulling for will stand out this weekend, including the rookies Zach – both Veach and De Melo.


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Pole prognostication points to Power, much as it pains us to write it. The putrid Penske pilot’s perfected his qualifying chops; thankfully it doesn’t always translate to race wins. That would reek. 

First out of this processional through the woods will be no one, barring a mechanical failure. Courses like Road America have plenty of gravel traps and runoff areas, which don’t elevate the entertainment value of the racing but do save equipment. With sweet smelling ovals like Iowa and Pocono upcoming, it’s probably for the best.


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The biggest surprise will be another watchable race at Road America, thanks largely to the new cars and the fact that since it isn’t an oval track (or one with any speed whatsoever), the stinkers at IndyCar won’t be able to muck it up. Barring of course the odd, outlandish outburst from race control, that is. Expect an entertaining contest, especially considering it’s a lengthy road course that pales in comparison to edge of your seat oval track action.

In light of both his recent spate of success as well as our own, we’re going with Dixie to again triumph in Wisconsin. Picking him proved foresightful at Detroit and picking anyone else at RA – especially considering the roll he’s on as well as last season’s performance – would simply stink.


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