Long Beach Race Review: Nose-cam Slam Edition


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On an AA kinda day Californian Alexander Rossi won in utterly jack booted fashion, but the advent, added entertainment value and absurd level of abuse meted out to NBCSN’s nose-cam stole the show at Long Beach.

An above average four caution flags fell at just the right times helping out the racing immensely. Without them, Rossi might’ve lapped the entire field. Twice. One of the pole sitter’s biggest competitors was knocked out prior to the first turn, sadly along with a cherished nose-cam. Thank God they had plenty of the tiny cameras in reserve to significantly enhance the coverage.


Photo from indycar.com

Ragin’ Graham Rahal ran into Simon Pagenaud from behind on the first lap, sending him spinning into the wall and ending his day. Ryan Hunter-Reay also got caught up in the fracas banging into Dixon, suffering some front wing damage and more importantly destroying the first nose-cam of the day, though happily not before it provided excellent views of the action. Rahal was rightly slapped by race control with a drive through penalty, later apologizing to Pags after battling all the way back to finish fifth.

The restart on lap five set a pattern of Rossi opening up a lead and pulling away. It’s how the race began and also how it ended. After a new nose-cam install RHR slid his way through the field toward the front in his usual magnetic manner. This after falling back to 17th. Neither he nor his nose–cam could be counted out.


Photo from indycar.com

As green flag pit stops commenced, RHR incredibly inherited the lead briefly before pitting, his nose-cam still intact – for the time being. The second full course caution came just past the halfway mark on lap 43. It was due to the Juncos Racing car driven by rookie Kyle Kaiser stopping dead on track. During the typically interminable caution period the street sweeper got some major airtime – and we swear it looked faster than Marco.

A chaotic restart saw “Nose-cam” Hunter-Reay suffer rear tire damage after tangling with rookie ECR driver Jordan King. Far from RHR’s first dust up of the day, it wouldn’t be King’s last encounter, either. Cars went three wide as Bourdais shot through a gap, went around Dixon and into second place in “the coolest pass ever,” according to his crew. Daring as it was, it was all for naught as race control made him give the position back due to crossing the pit lane line. He did, then promptly took it back.


Photo from indycar.com

The third yellow came out on lap fifty nine thanks to Bourdais’ rookie DCR teammate Zach DeMelo getting into the wall. Bourdais and Dixon dove onto pit lane after the caution came out – Dixon stopped while Bourdais didn’t in the closed pits – and Dixie eventually received a drive through penalty. Sebass was forced to come back in for service, but remained undeterred.

The restart came on lap 67 and not long thereafter the fourth full course caution was brought about by the biggest nose-cam slam of them all. Bourdais’ wicked cool view was finally being featured just as he was rudely hit from behind in the hairpin by an overly aggressive King. The flyin’ Frenchman’s front wing – and nosecam – were destroyed as a mini pileup resulted.

Rookie Robby Wickens stalled it, while everyone else managed to get moving again. During the stoppage, RHR ran directly into SeBass – nose-cam to nose-cam, as it were – looking like two aardvarks fighting. Yet another nose-cam down – two more, in fact.


Photo from indycar.com

The final restart with nine to go had Rossi again jack rabbit out to a huge lead over Power, while Veach battled Jones hard for third. As the laps wound down, the ever unlucky RHR broke yet another front wing – and nose-cam – plus a rear suspension in his umpteenth kerfuffle. While Power almost made it interesting, Rossi wouldn’t be denied. He showed it right from the start of practice, but most especially during qualifications by routinely jumping the Penskes from a standing start even though his pit box was behind theirs.

Scoring his third career victory, Rossi became the third winner in the season’s first three races. In a laugher, he led all but fourteen laps and prevailed by over a second. We wonder his thoughts on Newkid being crowned “the new American hero” during pre-race, as the 500 winner now leads the points. Power, Jones and Veach rounded out the top four, but thanks to the various nose-cam slams the viewers were the real victors Sunday.

It’s abundantly clear – IndyCar needs more nose-cams, now. On a track where the racing isn’t always the greatest, the nose-cam topped it all – even the shot of Long Beach from outer space.


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