Why Foyt Should Fold


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The legendary IndyCar gambler’s game has gone, his eponymous team no longer worthy of the name. As longtime fans of the ornery octogenarian, it pains us to point out his team’s precipitous decline.

A recent conversation with an A.J. fan who’s followed him since the 1960s got us to thinking. While there’s no questioning Foyt’s former skills behind the wheel, his decisions on the stand are downright dumbfounding. It dawned on us that the last twelve years he’s been in the sport, Marco Andretti has more wins than all of A.J. Foyt Racing – twice as many wins, in fact. That’s not only extremely sad, but also tremendously telling.


Photo from ajfoytracing.com

For the sake of A.J.’s legacy and his place at the center of IndyCar history, it’s time for his team to toss in their cards. Larry Foyt’s been running things the last decade, and rather poorly at that. Sato’s solitary win for Foyt at Long Beach in 2013 proved to be an aberration, an exception to the rule. Losing has become a way of life at Foyt Racing, as consistently poor results have piled up decade after decade. It’s been twenty years since they won an Indy 500. Losing is as far from A.J.’s nature as vegetarianism is from a cat’s. ABC Supply, which sponsors series races as well as A.J.’s outfit, also deserves better.

Dubious directions the team has taken include two underwhelming hires for the 2018 season. Soon to be 43 year old Tony Kanaan, who’s long past his prime as we’ve documented, will be paired with fellow Brazilian and unknown rookie Matheus Leist. Here’s a confident prediction for you – this latest lineup for Foyt won’t be appearing in victory lane, either.


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A team that’s won exactly one race this century, changed drivers, engineers and even engines with astonishing frequency yet still can’t figure things out should seriously consider another hobby. Liquidate the assets, sell the shop and give another bunch of gear heads a chance to run an IndyCar team. Randomly pick some fans from turn 1 at Indy this May and you probably couldn’t do any worse.


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