The Why Of IRR, Or: The Answer To A Rather Impertinent Question


For the first time a fervent though flawed follower inspires IRR to provide even more real world racing answers.

IndyCar’s snoozer of a season finale at Sonoma had just concluded and our work – reviewing the regrettable race – had just begun. Having formulated a concept, we dutifully sent out the usual “coming soon” Tweet announcing our forthcoming Race Review, titled “Ho-hum Edition.” That’s when the impertinent reply from – let’s just call him “Deplorable Paganator” – arrived through the vagaries of cyberspace with a distinct thud. “Do you actually like IndyCar or not?”


In spite of the innate insolence, it is an interesting question. The answer’s a complicated one, but more often than not it’s yes. However, the query itself contains a certain false premise – like so many today do.

What some – including the interrogator – fail to realize is that one can criticize something while at the same time liking or even loving it. That’s what critics do, and criticism is a part of IRR’s mission – to make IndyCar, the sport we love, exciting again. Think of us as sort of the series’ nagging significant other, at times a bit of a downer but always doing it for the betterment of something we love.


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As our readers know we at IRR truly enjoy IndyCar oval track racing, viewing its speed, daring and thrilling entertainment as the pinnacle of motorsports. That’s been well chronicled on this site – as have our equally rigorous critiques of oval races when they’re not up to snuff. Though no fans of most road courses, likewise we praise the racing in the rare instances when it’s exhilarating.

But to answer Deplorable Paganator’s question in some detail, we appreciate IndyCar when it’s not f-ing F1 light, follow the leader Euro trash racing. And when it’s not poorly scheduled with waaaay too many unwatchable road courses. And when it’s not coming off as utterly foolish looking with canceled races. And when open wheel cars are actually open wheel, without bumpers.


Also when the racing’s compelling, as at Pocono or formerly Fontana. And when the coverage – or lack thereof – doesn’t get in the way. And when owners aren’t acting like complete dolts. And when drivers aren’t in the series for reasons other than talent. And when they’re not acting like total jack asses.

So yes, we like IndyCar a majority of the time – call it 51%. We like most of the drivers, some of the owners and admittedly a little under half the race tracks on the current schedule. If you’re after pure puff pieces or pro-IndyCar propaganda, there’s plenty of other places to find that. But if you can take a little blunt truth with your racing news and comical views, then there’s only one destination. Heck, we’ll even answer your questions – sometimes in essay length.


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