IndyCar Watkins Glen Predictions and Prognostications: Glen Scotty Glen Boss


Expect real estate – and points – to change hands fast this Sunday at the Glen.

Our special prediction for the race is so much fuel saving and strategizing that you’ll think methanol allotments are the good leads from “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Frankly, we’ve never understood why that film’s so highly regarded by some – and feel precisely the same way about Watkins Glen.

Like the movie, last year’s last minute return to upstate New York was a snoozer – and not just because of the steady stream of paid Verizon plugs uttered by drivers, either. Scott Dixon ran away with it – enjoying a 16 second margin of victory – at a road course so similar to Mid-Ohio it’s beyond redundant. Did we mention it’s very much like the worst course on the schedule yet?


Photo from

“Third prize is, you’re fired.”

Speaking of leads, pole sitter Will Power sure blew one last Saturday night, didn’t he? Oh well, at least he didn’t crash on the parade lap. Instead of picking Power again for his seventh pole of the campaign however, we’re going with Dixon. He won from pole last year over Josef Newgarden – sound familiar? – and excels on unwatchable permanent road courses like few others. It’ll only be Dixie’s second P1 award of the season, which with only a single win has been as disappointing as Alan Arkin’s paltry performance.


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“The leads are weak.”

First out of the race will be J.R. Hildebrand. He already has three DNFs and that’s after missing a start due to injury. His Ed Carpenter Racing team’s been snake bitten again this season – much like Jack Lemmon’s woeful character – with six DNFs in total. Look for another on Sunday, as J.R.’s not exactly known for his road racing acumen. Come to think of it, he’s not known for his oval racing skills, for that matter.

The biggest surprise of the race will be Conor Daly’s showing. Although he warranted a mention last weekend, we went with his teammate Carlos Munoz who looked good until the end. Daly persevered, got around Charlie “bumper cars” Kimball and finished fifth at Gateway. Plus, he turned in his best ever result of 4th at the Glen in 2016. The A.J. Foyt Racing Hoosier’s been heading in the right direction lately and we fully expect that trend to continue.


“Coffee is for closers.”

Our pick for race winner may seem obvious from our motif, and with good reason. We’ve always found Dixie’s nickname “The Iceman” trite, and obligingly offer a new one: The Closer. Because at places like WGI, Scotty truly is the Glen Boss.


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