What’s Michael Andretti Thinking This Time? Or: Michael’s Motor Mix Up Madness


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The mercurial motorsports owner’s the subject of still more baffling rumors – yet again.

Victorious team principle in the last two Indianapolis 500s and three of the last four – all with Honda – Michael Andretti is supposedly considering an engine manufacturer change. Bizarre, but that’s just like our Michael. The scion of the famous Andretti clan – and apparently the last real IndyCar driver the family will produce – has had a lot on his plate, starting with Marco’s flailing, failed decade in the sport.


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Publicly, the colorful owner comes off as a real hoot and this latest flirtation’s in keeping with his unpredictable nature. Ganassi’s jumped ship from Chevy to Honda? Let’s do the opposite! Not getting the top notch equipment any longer? Good luck when you share with Penske.


Photo from indycar.com

After saying Honda needed “a miracle” to win this year’s 500, one of his own – a new hire, to boot – went out and somehow performed it. Ahh, Michael. Sure Alonso’s engine gave out in the 500 along with others in the run up and since, but the last two Borg-Warners are a stout counter argument to switching sides. Though logic’s never stopped Andretti before.


Andretti’s also been a vocal critic of Honda’s horrid aero kits – who hasn’t? – but his team’s piled up the wins in the fading aero kit era. Just look at Iowa for example. With spec chassis and body work coming in 2018, it’s a tad late to ditch the Japanese powerhouse on that accord. Not to mention the fact that with the loss of Honda comes the loss of the reigning 500 winner.


Photo from indycar.com

So what exactly is Michael Andretti thinking this time around? No one knows for certain, but whatever it is you count on it being unconventional.


3 thoughts on “What’s Michael Andretti Thinking This Time? Or: Michael’s Motor Mix Up Madness

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