Road America IndyCar Predictions and Prognostications: A Midsommer Night’s Meme


Fully embracing the “to hell with the racing, it’s a summer celebration!” attitude of many casual fans toward road courses, a topsy-turvy Shakespearean comedy serves as our predictive guide to IndyCar’s trial in the deep, dark woods.

The special prediction for the Kohler Grand Prix is that a good time will be had by all, provided you begin drinking heavily – and early – on race day morning. The racing may be dull as dishwater, but nevertheless it’s a midsommer party. Under a Puckian influence, the first thing we’ll fall in love with upon waking is a cold beer.


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Situated in a forest southeast of Athens much like the play, this trying ordeal in the woods will bring many surprises, though pole winner won’t be one of them. Mad Will Power who always – though unintentionally – provides comedy relief on the series’ stage will start up front for the fourth time this season. He won from pole in last year’s joke of a race, though this year the laughs’ll be on him.


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Chuckles are the order of the day in this sped up play. First out of the race, or if you will the Bottom of our story, will be Tony “still hasn’t considered retiring” Kanaan. After the Texas fiasco, poetic justice will see TK exit stage left during the first act. Happily for him, the forty two year old will have plenty of time to slumber in the shade of the oaks.


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The biggest surprise of the production will be our winner. Here’s a bit of foreshadowing: think IndyCar’s biggest jack ass.  As Shakespeare wrote, “some have greatness thrust upon them.”

In keeping with our light hearted, drunken midsommer’s merriment theme, the winner will be Marco Andretti. It’s all right, as even inappropriate laughter has its place in this comedy. With a win percentage hovering around 1%, Marco’s only won twice in over a decade in the sport. After all, fairies and magic played a major role in the happy ending to The Bard’s play, as well.

It’s all so fantastical, it may just be a meme.


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