Time To Call It Quits, Tony Kanaan


In the span of four years, IndyCar’s oldest driver has gone from winning the 500 to whining and making excuses. We say nuts to that – out with the old and in with the new. Tony, it’s time to consider retiring from the sport.

Approaching forty three and showing it, TK hasn’t won a race in almost three years. His best years are clearly behind him as Texas perilously reminded everyone –  except the good ship Chip and company. We’ve been quietly advocating Tony’s retirement for some time, but now we’re about to raise a racket.


Photo from sports.usatoday.com

It isn’t as though the Brazilian’s tearing up the competition, either. He’s only won twice since 2010 and a mere four times in the last decade. That’s approaching Marco bad. His last win came on August 30, 2014 in the season finale at Fontana, of all places – more on that later. The other win came at Indy in 2013, interestingly on the heels of another two plus year drought.

Originating our outcry are the wrecks he caused at Texas, involving multiple cars and thankfully no injuries. The first crash got Alexander Rossi, while the second victimized James Hinchcliffe and his SPM teammate Mikhail Aleshin, among others. Kanaan has since called it “an honest mistake.” That makes us wonder, which one?


Photo from twitter.com

Chip Ganassi blabbed and blamed “the 5 car,” James Hinchcliffe, during NBCSN’s broadcast. Blaming innocent victims isn’t helpful to anyone, Chip. Admittedly, we were rooting for Dale Coyne when he confronted Tony during the red flag. After all, both his cars were taken out in the incident. Of course Hinch was only one victim of the second wreck Kanaan caused that night. Within less than a hundred green flag laps. Crashing out a total of nine cars.

TK initially earned our ire at Fontana in 2015 following an absolutely amazing race. He and others lashed out at the racing, proceeding to “slam the sport we’re a part of” as Ed Carpenter put it. So called “pack racing” became the new pejorative thanks to TK and others of his ilk. You heard the ugly phrase uttered again recently after Texas, thanks in part to Kanaan’s killer Kimball impersonation. Seriously, one Kimball’s enough in a series that already has Takuma Sato.


Photo from sports.usatoday.com

You’ll be hearing the putative put down ‘pack racing’ more in the future – after every big, thrilling oval race – so best get used to it. At least as long as they remain on Mark Miles’ schedule.

Tony wasn’t finished that eventful night in SoCal, though. Bristling, he twice railed at being “criticized,” and invited his detractors to drive an IndyCar. It’s the same type of stunt he’s pulling now. Isn’t it painfully obvious why the guy’s a fan favorite?  Tellingly, he continued at Fontana, “it makes you think, ‘Do you still want to keep doing this like that?'”


Sure seems like Florida’s on his mind to us, and has been for some time. Has been . . . that sounds about right. See ya Tony, and don’t let your nearest competitors’ debris hit you on the way out.

25 thoughts on “Time To Call It Quits, Tony Kanaan

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  15. “Fan favorite.”….yes,, TK is.
    And without fans there is no sport. Just saying….sorry for the logic rather than mob rukus or outrage.
    Now return to your usual armchar quaterbacking/driving.


    • He hasn’t been a favorite of ours since Fontana 2015. Don’t ever apologize for logic, but don’t claim it when you fail to use it, either. His career record’s average at best but of late it’s downright poor, so it’s time for his fans to ask themselves, “why?” Finally, don’t tell us what to do. Thanks for commenting.


      • No TK fans are happy about what happened in TX so no argument there. The apology isn’t for being logical its sarcasm & for not playing the fan outrage game.
        As to answering “why” would anyone be a TK fan….have you never met or talked to TK p2p? Or even from Watched his locally televised (ch13) post 500 coverage while other drives are off partying or resting or ignoring the press & public? He’s probably more approachable and open than any driver has ever been. If you’re going to challenge fan’s logic consider the whole picture and come armed with more than just recent race stats. Dale Coyne (or KV in past years) doesn’t have team fans for their racing records – fan following is is more nuanced than that…

        “”Don’t tell us what to do”
        Exactly….(or “finally” in your words, & thanks for commenting)


  16. Here’s a handy checklist to keep you out of trouble with the hardcores on twitter:

    Drivers you can freely make negative comments about: Kimball, Marco Andretti, Ed Carpenter

    Drivers you must never be critical of: TK, Connor Daly, Pippa Mann, Hinch, Newgarden

    Drivers who sometimes fall in either camp depending on their last result: Sato, Rahal


  17. Agree with Dan, not sure why certain drivers are clear of criticism and TKs game is not as strong as it once was. Even Rossi sort of threw some shade at him regarding the Dixon incident now. Maybe the retirement talk is a bit harsh, but why not discuss it? Oh I know, because the indycar twitter mafia will be all over you if you criticize a popular driver. Typical response.


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