101st Indy 500 Practice Three: Scaredy Penske Edition


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Windy conditions kept the Cap’n’s crew – quickest the previous practice, at least in the tow – largely off of Indy’s oval Wednesday. Only Newkid made an appearance, for eleven whole laps. Luckily other teams weren’t deterred by some mere gusts – not entirely.


Photo from twitter.com

Early on Ed Carpenter Racing held the top two spots no matter the tow, with Ed and J.R. 1-2 in their respective Chevys, tops in both categories. Recall that Ed led the way with the highest non-tow speed Tuesday, with J.R. not far behind. By the end of the session, the series’ only owner/driver again owned the quickest lap at over 222.8 mph.

Dixon was second quick for Ganassi, his Honda doing nearly 222.6 mph, while J.R. was third. Fernando Alonso  turned in the fourth best speed – more on him later – and our man Conor Daly completed the top five, Tweeting he was “really happy with the changes overnight.” Way to go, Conor!


Photo from twitter.com

A few questions occurred to us after three days of practice for the greatest spectacle in racing. What’s happened to Marco, who was fastest at over 226 mph on day one? Funnier still, where’s all the talk about Marco winning gone? Is Alonso finally showing signs of life at the Speedway? The f-ing F1 invader‘s been near the bottom of the rookies until Wednesday, when high winds kept a third of the field in Gasoline Alley.


For the second day in a row, no cars made contact with the wall. Then again, Jack Harvey didn’t turn a lap. Guess the winds weren’t too severe after all. . . . Despite being no-shows Wednesday, Penske paranoia continues unabated in the paddock; though after today’s failure to turn a dozen laps we begin to wonder where the real fear lies. . . . Pippa looks adorable with her fans, doesn’t she?


Photo from twitter.com


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