It’s . . . A NEW CAR!


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A long overdue redesign is coming to IndyCar, as it appears Ol’ Jay Frye got it right.

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Sleeker, sexier, sightlier describe the recently unveiled rendition of the new 2018 chassis. Testing is set to commence this summer. Gone are those bulbous, blasted bumpers. Happily, this marks the return of a more traditional looking Indy car, a sight that’s been absent for years. Dare we write the cars will have a very retro, CART-esque look about them?


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Sure, it’ll be a spec series once again, but that’s modern racing. It’s not clear who’ll build the new bodies, but perhaps the decade plus Dallara stranglehold on IndyCar finally will be stifled. In which case some prime Speedway property will no doubt hit the market.

At least the cars will no longer be an affront to aesthetic minded fans. That’s best left to NA$CAR.


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