KV Racing’s Kiss-Off, Or: Don’t Cry For Kevin and Jimmy


Photo from autosport.com

IRR won’t be mourning the loss of a perennial IndyCar series back marker, an embarrassing vestige of the sport’s acrimonious split.

KV Racing’s long been considered a dinosaur of racing, among the last of Champ Car dead enders to begrudgingly join IndyCar in 2008 after CCWS’s merciful euthanasia. Campaigning recently with unpopular Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais – that is, until even he flew the coop to Coyne – the team was known for bringing the likes of Roberto Gonzalez (who?), Takuma “take ’em out” Sato, and Stefano “worse than Andretti” Coletti to the series. Gee, thanks for nothing.


Photo from indycar.com

For the most part, KV’s efforts have been truly forgettable. Long in the tooth Bourdais was good for an odd street course win here or there (though usually in Detroit), but the team had few fans and frankly even less allure. They finished fourteenth in the championship standings last season. Sure, they won an Indy 500 with Tony Kanaan back in 2013, but they’ve done precious little lately as a decided lack of sponsors and California-like flight of drivers and engineers attest. Even Kanaan soon headed for greener pastures. And don’t get us started on those hideous pee green paint schemes.


Photo from usatoday.com

If, as some argue, the team were so important to the series then they’d have had more success, attracted more sponsors and been able to identify and keep more talented drivers. They haven’t, largely failing both on track and on the business side of the sport. Now Jimmy Vasser can go back to his wine and Kevin Kalkhoven can go back to boxing kangaroos, or whatever it is that he does. Happily, there’ll be more time for both to sip Ensure with Gerry Forsythe and reminisce about the bad ol’ CART days.


Photo from caranddriver.com

The sport’s better off without ’em, as their long coming demise makes room for fresh, more talented faces. Out with the old, in with the new as the saying goes. If you still find yourself pining for sub par teams to root for remember, there’s still Dale Coyne Racing.



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