Even IndyCar’s Elites Are Starting To Get It


The more persuadable of our betters are finally beginning to fully realize the fickle mood of folks at present, and not just those in positions of political power. Feeling the heat, it seems as though elites everywhere are actually taking note and doing what a majority of people (e.g. those who pay for it) want done.  It’s none too soon either, lest the torch bearing mobs come out.

Mark Miles Flying Circus

IndyCar CEO Mark Miles is only the most recent example of a muckety muck for once not mucking things up, a trend stretching from Brexit-ing Brits battling Brussels bureaucrats all the way to Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. And happily now even Indianapolis. Actual accountability to those paying the bills is a damned welcome change, even in racing.


According to a recent article by Brant James, Miles had many positive items to report, including recommendations long advocated by us and other right thinking hard core IndyCar fans. Among them was no monkeying with the 500’s start time to accommodate the odd NA$CAR driver doing the double. James mistakenly called a proposed earlier start time “traditional,” failing to take into account Indy’s Byzantine time zone rules, scatter shot saving time and county by county approach to Tag Heuer through the years. He also referred to the “Coca-Cole 600,” whatever that is. Fake news, anyone?


But back to the pertinent, unfake point. Assuming the quote’s correct – and that James even spoke with him – Miles said flatly, “we’re not thinking about revisiting the time for the 500.” Hulman & Co. Chairman Tony “the Pope” George is calling the shots at the Speedway again, so Miles was merely the mouthpiece for him in this instance. Still, it’s welcome news.

Miles wasn’t a mere messenger in announcing other encouraging items, however. Does “deregulation” of the rule book allowing teams to manufacture pieces here in America sound familiar? He also mentioned the possibility of more “foreign” manufacturer involvement and confirmed the long overdue repeal of the failed aero kit experiment. It’s striking how IndyCar’s governance is imitating national governance all of a sudden.


Photo from nydailynews.com

Roll back regulations and let teams make some of their own parts domestically, just like the old days? It’s a no brainer. Plus, it’ll fill Robin Miller’s black, shriveled heart with joy. More engine competition and investment? Absolutely great. Frankly, it’s about time. A definite end to the awful aero kit era? Gorgeous! Keep ’em coming. It’s almost like a Trump rally for racing fans.


Troublingly though, the article also chillingly stated that Pagenaud, Newgarden and Hinchcliffe all have “NASCAR interest.” We certainly hope this isn’t the case, although with Pags the Jean Girard jokes would be entertaining. But losing Newkid and Hinch to the dark side would be as bad as enduring endless sham recounts and repeated blaming of the Russians. It’s simply in poor taste.

At long last, the new reality may be starting to sink in for other racing elites too, including maybe even Michael Andretti. Now if only the winds of change would reach the Cap’n’s ship, specifically first Mate Tim Cindric. And all those untrustworthy fake news sites lost at sea.


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