IndyCar News Week in Review: Women’s Room Edition


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Danica Just Wants To Have Fun: Like ’80s flash in the pan Cyndi Lauper, racing’s lone girl-power representative is struggling mightily to remain relevant. After another “average” season of not coming anywhere close to a win in taxicab land, the former over rated IndyCar diva said recently she’s seeking “more fun” in the future. For a real good time, give us a call, Danica!


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Angie’s List Will Be Missed: According to an Indy Star story, the Indiana based company’s experiencing a downturn in business – thanks, Obama! – necessitating a round of layoffs. Although they “thoroughly enjoyed” sponsoring the Indy GP, now they’ve “opted to invest elsewhere.” Sounds like Angie desperately needs some Trump treatment, ala Carrier – Making IndyCar Great Again. As a result, the so called race will be deemed simply the IndyCar Grand Prix, barring another sponsor stepping in. How many IC GPs are there now?! Let’s see, Road America, Watkins Glen, Indianapolis, . . .


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Carol Brady’s Passing. Longtime Indy 500 fixture Florence Henderson passed away on Thanksgiving night to the dismay of many an IndyCar fan. The original Flo stirringly sang patriotic standards at the Speedway over twenty times through the decades and served as ceremonial Grand Marshall for the 100th running. The Hoosier and interestingly one time babysitter of a lifelong IRR friend truly will be missed. She was eighty two.


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Recount Madness: Making Will Power look like a gracious loser, Hillary’s supporting recount efforts across the country. Not divisive at all, is it? This comes after conceding, albeit coming a bit late the day after the election and only once she’d sufficiently composed herself from an unexpected electoral drubbing. Like Nancy Pelosi, Danica, Takuma Sato and Oriol Servia, seems as though some folks just don’t know when to call it quits.

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