IndyCar News Week in Review: Election Edition


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Millions of mostly legal voters turned out across the U.S. on Tuesday, exercising their sacred right to have a say in the nation’s direction. They decisively chose Trump, and in so doing made pollsters, pundits and pantywaists everywhere look beyond foolish. Meanwhile, IndyCar’s silly season continued unabated, with business as usual in the IndyCar paddock.


Daly Employment Report: In at least their third wise selection of the last couple weeks, A.J. Foyt Racing elected to fill the second ABC Supply seat with Hoosier Conor Daly. Barring deportation, the underdog American will be paired with Colombian Carlos “OK” Munoz in what should be a definite improvement over the past several years. Seems to be a nationwide trend.


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Coyne’s Second Choice: Dale Coyne Racing opted for the rather blandly named Ed Jones as their second pilot for the 2017 campaign, joining Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais. Apparently Jones (no known relation to the late, great Python Terry Jones) did well in Indy Lights last year – who knew? Now he gets his shot in the big league. Jones may not have been the popular vote, but that’s really not what counts, is it? The hire could be yuuge, and one choice that certainly won’t cause riots in the streets.


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Trump’s Triumph: In case you’ve been living under a Firestone racing slick lately, The Donald – who’s “temperamentally unfit” for the office, at least according to Obama – is now President-elect. For some perspective, see our comedic comparison of Trump and IndyCar here. Much to the chagrin of flag burners, celebu-tards and emotional hemophiliacs everywhere, Hillary’s career is finally finito. That is, unless you count her career criminal status, for the Clinton Foundation continues its dubious, money grubbing operations around the globe. Missed it by that much.


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