Watkins Glen Predictions and Prognostications: Labor Day Edition

Camping World Grand Prix at the Glen

Photo from Getty Images

In response to another cobbled together, last minute IndyCar race at a ho-hum road course, our Watkins Glen predictions will be short form this week. In fact, considering it’s Labor Day weekend we shouldn’t even be working this much. So let’s get right to it.


Photo from autoweek.com

Our special prediction for the holiday weekend is lots of rest and relaxation, particularly at the track. Fuel saving foolishness has already begun up and down pit lane and isn’t going to stop. As a result, the racing won’t be all that riveting. Our recommendation? Put your feet up, grab some cold ones and prepare for a nice, long Sunday afternoon nap.


Photo from indycar.com

The prognosticated pole winner is Penske’s prickly European Simon Pagenaud, or Pags for short. For crepe’s sake, he’s won six poles already this year, including three of the four road courses. Just like recently at Mid-Ohio, another track that always has us snoozing.


Photo from twitter.com

Biggest surprise of the race will be nineteen year old rookie R.C. Enerson, who’s driving for Dale Coyne both this weekend and in the finale. Winning twice in the same day in the Mazda Road to Indy series, he debuted in the big cars at middling Mid-Ohio and at least finished, beating the hapless Jack Hawksworth. Keep an eye on R.C.’s team mate Conor “color man” Daly this weekend, too. If you’re sleeping with one eye open, that is.


First out of the race will be one of A.J. Foyt’s deusies, probably the aforementioned Englishman Hawksworth. Hawk’s performance has been so bad that he’s rumored to be out of a ride next year. Unimpressively, either he or team mate Takuma Sato have been first out the last three races. That’s not counting Sato’s early retirement last Saturday at Texas, part deux either – a race no one should have snoozed on.


Photo from foxsports.com

Our pick for winner is the unlikable Aussie, that wanker of wankers, complainer of complainers, Will Power. It’s a good thing you’ll have Monday off, ’cause you’re gonna need it to recover after IndyCar’s return to the lugubrious Glen.


Photo from usatoday.com


5 thoughts on “Watkins Glen Predictions and Prognostications: Labor Day Edition

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  2. You guys REALLy should start following NASCAB’s. Watkins Glen for your information (you are woefully out of touch!) is one of the best in the world! YOur sarcasm is getting sickening, for awhile you made some good points but now you have sunk to garbage.
    Grow up!!! What kind of race do you want? A demolition derby sounds more like your style instead of drivers that have skills to drive within inches of each other at high speed!


    • Ah, Harvey – the critic no one cares about, much less has heard of. “Within inches”? You should start your own blog, you talent-less wanker. Texas and Pocono were superlative – learn how to read AND view IndyCar racing, ya putz.


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