Mid-Ohio Preview: Middling At Best


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It’s time again for IndyCar’s annual trek to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, the second rate road circuit known for middling racing, surface street speeds and paint-drying-level excitement. Consistently, we say meh to Mid-Ohio.


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Testing at the mediocre track last week yielded one positive development, at least. Actual open wheel IndyCars – or the closest we’ve come in five years – made a limited return. J.R. “wall banger” Hildebrand and the aged Tony “Curly” Kanaan tested their cars sans ass-pods, those unsightly rear bumpers introduced after Dan Wheldon’s tragic death at Las Vegas in 2011. Let’s hope the incompetents running the show at 16th and Georgetown show some common sense for once and get rid of ’em  – permanently.


There isn’t much else to say about the racing at Mid-Ohio that we haven’t said previously. The track’s inferior, the racing’s sub-par and IndyCar’s artistry on wheels is utterly wasted there. We’ve written it before and we’re writing it again: Down with Mid-Ohio.


Photo from foxnews.com

It’s an even bigger shame considering a fantastic mile and a half oval sits just down the road in Kentucky that now goes unused by the series. Kentucky Speedway consistently served up excellent racing at over two hundred miles an hour, three wide action and real edge of your seat excitement. Now it’s run of the mill Mid-Ohio instead.


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Graham Rahal surprised the IndyCar universe with a win in last year’s race, the first at his home track in eight tries. It’s where both his grandfather and father raced, just up the road from their hometown. Son of ‘Stache excitedly reported that he gets “a new bullet” from Honda for the race, as he mileaged out his engine during testing. It’s one of the things we love about Mr. Courtney Force – he’s always so wonderfully politically incorrect. This after enthusiastically Tweeting about Indiana Governor Mike Pence being The Donald’s VP nominee. You go, Graham.


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Speaking of being gloriously un-PC, Mid-Ohio had previously been Chip “rich guy” Ganassi‘s house, with Scott Dixon winning nearly every year except for teammate Charlie “everybody hates me” Kimball’s breakthrough win in 2013. It’s yet another reason mind-numbing Mid-Ohio is just so-so. Dixon’s domination runs deep, taking home five wins at the mass coma-inducing track in the middle of nowhere. At least Penske and Will Power rarely if ever win there, else it’d be simply too much.


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When a milquetoast mustache competition looks to be the highlight of the weekend, you know it’s problematic. Seventies porno, anyone? Bow – chica – bow- wow. Hell, watching seriously bushy stag films would beat the pants off the “racing” at middling Mid-Ohio – any day of the week.


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