By George, Tony’s Back


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The return of a familiar face at IMS raises hopes for a brighter future for IndyCar.

News broke Sunday at the breathtakingly boring Brickyard 400 that Tony George has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board at both Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its parent corporation Hulman & Co. George, who founded the Indy Racing League in 1995 and presided over reunification after the end of the split in 2008, is back after a four year hiatus. Start your engines – and your whining – race fans.


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Establishment IndyCar hack Brant James described George’s return to his former positions as “unnerving” in his piece for USA Today, referring to him as “a polarizing figure.” We disagree and call it an extremely encouraging move in the right direction by the board. He replaces his mother Mari Hulman-George, who’d served as Chair since 1988. In other words, about two decades too long.


IndyCar CEO Mark Miles – for whose ouster we’ve long called – deemed it “a very stable situation” at IMS. He continued in typical duplicitous fashion, saying “I don’t see any of that changing.” More than ever we hope Miles is once again wrong, at least as far as his misguided reign as CEO goes.


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It’s long past time to rid the series of this schedule-flubbing, embarrassment generating, out of touch bean counter once and for all. Enough cancelled races, lost ovals and icky aero kits, already. Getting rid of Miles would allow IndyCar a chance to return to its glory days and perhaps even knock off those nattering nabobs over at NASCAR. Therefore Tony, we’re rooting for you.

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Could George’s return mean more ovals added to IndyCar’s schedule and the deletion of some unwatchable road courses in the future? We at IRR fervently hope so. Could it clear the way for Mark Miles’ firing and a return to some sanity at 16th and Georgetown? We’re betting yes and at the same time looking forward to some major changes long called for on this site.


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