Celebrating Our Second Anniversary


IRR celebrates two years of providing unique, unabashed views, racing news and laughs covering IndyCar racing.  It’s been a lot of fun emphasizing the foul-ups, foolishness and frivolity of the sport we love, as well as its riveting beauty. In essence, IRR is to IndyCar coverage what Ted Cruz was to the RNC convention in Cleveland.


The hardest working racing site on the web, we’ve churned out over three hundred and thirty articles and posts over the last two years. The best part? It’s all free. Reviewing races and adding some humor to a serious and highly dangerous sport is our mission. We’re delighted to report it’s an ongoing one.


Photo from si.com

It’s been quite a ride, from skewering the untalented though beautiful Danica Patrick and needling her less than entertaining NASCAR series to championing young American IndyCar stars to leading the charge for Mark Miles’ dismissal. IRR performs a service the mainstream racing press just refuses to do, calling a spade a spade and Will Power a world class wanker. And Marco an over-rated legacy field filler.


With predictions, previews and race reviews for over thirty races, it’s been non-stop word-smithing for over two years now. Even during the off season, we’ve been busy publishing dozens of editions of “IndyCar News Week in Review,” articles on nearly every driver and grades for every single team in the IndyCar paddock. Also a few stories about the so-called leadership and overall direction of the series, holding them accountable when other sites offered only hollow, unhelpful, cowering praise.

George Flathead

The fact that all this has been accomplished with no advertising whatsoever and no publicity other than Twitter, this site’s success – such as it is – has been both gratifying and remarkable. Thirty thousand views and nearly twenty thousand visitors were unimaginable just a couple of years ago, when this site was launched with little fanfare and even fewer resources.


Highlights include coverage of the most important race in history at the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, smart schedule suggestions, frank thoughts on aero kits and recriminations against the series’ swansong at Fontana. Hell, we’ve even riffed on IndyCar’s civil war, know as the split.


Admittedly and inevitably, there have been some low-lights too. We’ve missed with some calls – Josef Newgarden and Kurt Busch come to mind – but we put our record up against anybody’s on this count. Nobody’s perfect as even billionaire John Menard can attest and besides, we’ve gotten it mostly right.


So we offer a big, wet thank you to our readers. Thanks for your forbearance, fortitude and support. Your reading our strange little site makes it all worthwhile. Now please purchase some t-shirts – send money! – so that we may continue our original brand of IndyCar coverage for many more years to come.

IRR tshirts


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