Racing Sponsorship We’d Rather Not See


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A terrifically tasteless image was recently Tweeted out featuring a close up of a race car that read “Jonestown KOA.” Since someone beat us to the Kool-Aid reference, our immediate reply was about the hospitality tent being murder.


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The whole morbid idea got us to thinking, though. Ergo, here’s a list of other racing sponsorship we’d rather not see.

Heart Attacks ‘R Us. Now with more rib spreading.

The 100th Indianapolis 500, presented by Penngrade Motor Oil.


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Thirteen screws and a plate – complete with a high resolution X-ray image – adorning Josef Newgarden’s car.

The 101st Indianapolis 500, presented by Penngrade Motor Oil.

The Wounded Knee Pocono 400, ghost dance edition.

The ISIS Indy Grand Prix, compliments of an utter absence of strategy. With crucifixions!


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The Maxipad Grand Prix of Long Beach – now with more absorption and a new, fresher scent.

The Mid-Ohio Minuteman Missile 100. Presented by nuclear weapons.


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Any and all sponsorship on Will Power’s car.

Hillary 2016. Brought to you by decades of lying, cheating and being a royal bitch.


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Anything prostate related, or urinary tract in general. This includes catheters.

The Road America Road Kill Grand Prix – featuring deer sausage from the CART days.

Arie Luyendyk bruise cream. Now with new and improved makeup concealer.


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