A Note To Texas Detractors


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The complaints began with Saturday’s rain out and grew more vociferous and objectionable from there. No one can control the rainy conditions and as Charles Dudley Warner said, “everybody talks about the weather but nobody seems to do anything about it.”


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Like much of the spring in Texas, it rained buckets all weekend. It even continued to rain after the series packed up and left. As anti-climactic as the postponement until the end of August was, it saved the few returning die-hard fans grief and made sense in light of another weeks’ long gap in this year’s screwy schedule.

Then – seemingly out of nowhere – calls began to dump Texas Motor Speedway altogether. All this because of some weepers?! Instead of calling for IndyCar to abandon a track it’s raced on for nearly a quarter century now, some fans should try exhibiting some compassion for the people of the flood stricken state. And some sense when it comes to the the series’ schedule, for racing’s sake.


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The series has not only raced there since the 1990s, but also routinely puts on some of its most breathtaking racing of the season. Classics outnumber so-so events in No Limits, Texas and that shouldn’t be forgotten.


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For the sake of the schedule, the fans and IndyCar’s traditions they must return to Texas -for years to come. Admittedly, a partial do-over with a rump of a race isn’t ideal, but then again few things are in this world. Perhaps fewer still are in IndyCar land. Nixing Texas won’t help that trend. Considering the paying customers and fans around the country, a rump return is better than nothing at all. Besides, IndyCar is contractually obligated to put on an official race, which Sunday failed to provide.


Regarding Josef Newgarden’s horrifying crash, a collective sigh of relief could be heard throughout IndyCar association of states when he emerged intact from the crumpled corpse of a car. The incident was brought on by Conor Daly on the oldest tires in the field, so blame Dale Coyne for that call, not Eddie Gossage or his track. Thankfully, the car and track performed well, even better than expected, and Josef fortunately escaped with only a broken shoulder and hand. Easy for us to say.

The most egregious complaints of the weekend came from certain rarely visited quarters of the web and requested a cancellation of the six shooters being presented to the winner in victory lane. The horrific terrorist attack in Florida was reprehensible. It also had nothing to do with winning an auto race in Texas. Will certain bloggers and blowhards ever grow up?


Photo from foxsports.com

As the first fifty some laps at Texas demonstrated again, the racing there is unmatched anywhere on the planet. Any move to COTA and away from TMS would be a spectacular mistake. After all, everything worked as it should have – except the weather.

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