100th Indy 500 Preparations Underway: ‘Ex-cellent’ Lazier/Burns Racing


The most important race in history rapidly approaches as drivers and teams frantically prepare themselves for the 100th running of the greatest spectacle in racing. IRR’s crack staff has assembled some thoughts on the subject as anticipation builds like a Speedway official spending taxpayer dollars.


Photo from motorsport.com

There are six former winners in the field and as is our wont we’re focusing on the most obscure. Fierce competitor and 1996 Indy 500 winner Buddy Lazier is back for his nineteenth extravaganza, with a brand new team called Lazier/Burns Racing. We immediately came up with a signage suggestion for the fledgling outfit, as Buddy and Burns-ie will need all the help they can get this year.


Lazier’s a sentimental favorite for many, having failed to qualify for the 500 no fewer than six times – including last year. Buddy even finished last once, in 1991. A journeyman, the Coloradan drove for Menard the year before his history making run. He was also runner up twice to go along with his tear-jerking surprise win, accomplished while suffering from a broken back.


Photo from indystar.com

Lazier/Burns Racing is a group you probably won’t read or hear much about this month, or perhaps ever again. But it’s the brave, under the radar guys who make Indianapolis so special. With many fewer headlines and vastly smaller budgets, teams and drivers like Lazier are trying just as hard – if not harder – than the lavishly funded, star studded super teams to succeed. They’re risking even more.


Photo from twitter.com

Happily, there is some assurance of Buddy’s appearance in the 100th, as with only thirty three cars entered the brightly colored, blaze orange Lazier/Burns entry is guaranteed a spot. It’s one upside to a sparse 500 field. We’re taking bets on another last row party for the forty eight year old former winner and his startup team. That’s a sad testament to the sorry state of the series on this august occasion, and most un-excellent.


Photo from twitter.com



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