IndyCar In China Chatter: Our Enlightened Take


Mark Miles – who’s starting to resemble an unfortunate cross between “Baghdad Bob” from Saddam’s days and the current White house spokesman – was forced to issue a statement Monday acknowledging talks for a race in Beijing in October. In this latest release he admitted the event had “not been finalized,” noting that “a number of important issues” remain unresolved. He concluded by citing “hope” for an update on the negotiations in June.  As you can imagine, we’ve several thoughts on the matter.

First of all, China? The economic and military rival busily building military bases on appropriated islands from our allies like the Philippines and Japan? The major U.S. debt holding nation that recently threatened to do in our economy if our one sided trade policy is somehow altered?  The currency manipulating country routinely running up record trade imbalances with the U.S.? The Communist run place with no web freedom, much less religious freedom? That China?!?

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Chairman Miles’ incompetence is grotesquely on display yet again, rivaling that of Chairman Mao and his disastrous “Great Leap Forward.” His press release comes on the heels of yet another humiliating race cancellation – this time not in a third world country but on the east coast. We couldn’t help but describe this announcement initially as a “Manchurian Candidate” race ploy by the embattled CEO, for whose head we’ve been calling for some time now. His actions may well yet precipitate an IndyCar civil war to rival China’s. It’s the series’ Tiananmen Square moment. If this Cultural Revolution of a season doesn’t bring about  Miles’ imminent demise, then nothing will.


If you must race across the date line, why not return to Japan, which through Honda supplies half the engines for the series? Or Australia? Or start a race in South Korea? At least they’re friendly, cooperative and welcoming toward the U.S. Heck, we’ve plenty of interesting ideas for international IndyCar races outside China, most of which are a lot closer to home. And how about Kentucky, Kansas, or Fontana for that matter?  Miles’ oval-phobic schedule is off putting in the extreme, leaving fans hungry again mere minutes after finishing.

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Summing up, we’re not pleased with the orientation of the series at present, particularly its mess of a schedule. We’re not pleased with Mark Miles’ so-called leadership of IndyCar and haven’t been for years now. And we’re not pleased with the prospect of sending teams, money and resources to China, who’s acted like anything but a deserving partner especially as of late. IndyCar needs some enlightenment – starting with a leader with his head elsewhere than his ass. It doesn’t need to reward bad actors on the world stage, further muck up its already precarious lineup of races, or continue being led down a red rabbit hole. Or placed up against a Great Wall.

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