Cringeworthy Cavin Calls Out Concerned Customers


Indy Star IndyCar reporter gets it wrong on Rossi, dual allegiances between IndyCar and F1 and paying customers’ credible concerns.

News broke yesterday that f-ing F1 invader Alexander Rossi – who’ll be driving for (who else?) Andretti/Herta this season, when he’s not too busy – will fill a dubious dual role also serving as F1’s Manor Racing’s substitute driver. Rookie Rossi, an American, only recently came to IndyCar after failing to find the podium in five Formula 1 starts in 2015.

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In IndyCar for all of zero races, double agent Rossi derisively deemed the series “foreign,” which didn’t exactly endear him to IndyCar enthusiasts. After taking the seat away from reigning Rookie of the Year and good guy Gabby Chaves, it’s crystal clear that he’s not fully committed to IndyCar at all. He’d rather be with Bernie. According to Cavin though, we’re all wrong for pointing out this fact.


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Move along, Curt advised readers from behind his pay wall, there’s nothing to see here. IndyCar and F1 race weekends aren’t in conflict, so what’s the big deal? Besides, any negative fan reaction to the news is simply ignorant and wrong. The “star” IndyCar reporter went even further than that in the article, though – greatly grabbing our goat.

Conjuring up images of sniping – this isn’t a school shooting, Curt, or NASCAR – Cavin outrageously wrote that Rossi “found himself in the crosshairs of some” who dared to question his two chambered arrangement. Apparently gun violence references are perfectly fine for those in the media to make, while others are ridden out of town on a rail by the press for similar rhetorical offenses, whether real or imagined.


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Making matters worse, Cavin admits his own ignorance on the particulars of the deal, writing that the “details . . . haven’t been made public.” That’s some riveting reporting, Curt. This isn’t the first time he’s missed the mark badly in such matters, either. Isn’t it his job as a member of the media to find these things out? Apparently not, although Cavin wasn’t done admonishing the fans who pay their hard earned dollars to keep him – and the series – in business.

Incredibly, cringeworthy Cavin went on to assert that the whole affair really is “none of our business.” That’s not only the opposite of reporting Curt, it’s appalling. In keeping with the overall tone of the piece, the Indy Star hack wrapped up with yet another reproach to the many fans who rightfully questioned the newcomer’s divided loyalties.


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“Don’t begrudge,” Cavin condescendingly concluded. Rather, we should all “wish him well.” Rest assured Mr. Cavin, we do wish him well – in f-ing F1. With his dismissive attitude towards fans, we wouldn’t mind seeing craven Curt banished to Billionaire Bernie‘s series on the other side of the pond, as well. That way he can better protect others who also don’t have IndyCar fans’ best interests at heart.



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