Questions To Ponder Prior To IndyCar’s Start


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IRR has several questions about the upcoming IndyCar season, including the most important race in history.

Can Chip Ganassi Racing get off to anything other than a snail like start this season? They’ve failed to do so the last two years running, still managing to rebound to win the 2015 championship. A decent beginning to the campaign would sure make it easier for Dixie going down the stretch, not that he needs any help.


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Is this Tony Kanaan’s unofficial farewell tour? It may be, at least with Ganassi. The forty one year old Brazilian – one of IndyCar’s three stooges – doesn’t seem to have much left in the tank and is currently settling down in Indy in real family man style according to reports. Could a consulting role ala Dario Franchitti be in his future? We know some tat removal sessions will be.


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Will the Penske team’s tetrarchy payoff this season? It didn’t last year, despite predictions of doom, gloom and total domination. With four of the best prepared cars on the grid, another season of disappointment won’t sit well with the Cap’n. Early forecasts again for this year have been grim. Assuming another lackluster year, will both Helio and Power be out at Team Penske next year? Imagine the enormity of Mad Will‘s epic meltdown when he’s finally out of a ride. For once we’re rooting for Roger.


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How low will Andretti Autosport fall? They’ve cut down to three cars since last season – two and a half considering Marco’s the pilot of one of them – after running four cars for years. The team’s only real talent is American Ryan Hunter-Reay. Other than him, the once mighty super squad’s been slumping lately, mirroring its mercurial owner’s marked decline. We’ve been questioning Michael’s murky, muddled mind for some time now.


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Will embattled IndyCar boss Mark Miles survive beyond the season? If troubles in Boston and with the schedule generally continue, Chevy or another major player bolts the series, or other problems crop up, it could become untenable for Miles to remain as CEO. That’d be just fine with us.

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How competitive will Honda’s aero kit upgrades make the Japanese manufacturer? And what impact will this have on their commitment to the series beyond the next two years? Unfortunately, it’s not looking like VW’s coming to the series’ rescue anytime soon. Fahrvergnugen, indeed!


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Will the radically revamped AJ Foyt Racing enjoy any success? The team’s undergone a total overhaul of its engineering department, including poaching key members from Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Andretti Autosport. This after expanding to two cars in 2015 for the first time in years and struggling. It’ll be interesting to see whether the team improves from last year’s embarrassing performance – particularly with all of the geek department changes – while continuing to employ the same old drivers.


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How will the full time rookies fare? It’s Conor Daly in his second rookie season as it were versus Englishman Max Chilton who’ll be driving for a quality team in CGR. Our money’s on Maxie, even though Chip’s number 8 car seems to be cursed. Question is, can Conor be close to competitive at Coyne?


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How will ROY Gabby “Pat” Chaves follow up his consistent yet neutered inaugural campaign? The Bryan Herta Autosport pilot brings something to the series, we’re just not quite sure what. At least Gabby gives eunuchs, the sexless and the androgynous among us someone to root for.


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Crucially, how will the most important race in history go? Will the Cap’n, Ganassi or another owner prevail? And what happens with Chevy – and numerous other partners – once the centennial party’s over? Most importantly, will those in IRR’s party survive the mammoth loss of brain cells incurred in celebrations on May 29th?


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