IndyCar News Week in Review: Finally Edition


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With the season still a month away, some tidbits – testing, staffing and the like – against a background of finality.

IndyCar Rising From The Ashes in Phoenix: The exhilarating sound of IndyCar engines roaring to life finally returned to PIR this week with pre season testing by ECR‘s Ed Carpenter and Josef Newgarden. Penske’s four ponies also ran. Afterward, Will “Sour Gapes” Power mumbled something about “history,” as if. No fan of oval tracks, the “wot are we doing?” wanker who hates Fontana has never even raced in the desert. He certainly doesn’t know anything about history. When’s The Cap’n finally gonna get rid of this malcontented marsupial once and for all?


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Miles of Madness: Unsettlingly, we noticed that on the schedule, publicity pieces and raceway website it’s being referred to as the “Phoenix Grand Prix.” This is odd for an oval race and certainly could be confusing for fans. Hopefully Mark “Meandering” Miles isn’t trying to turn the race into another regrettable road course event. IRR wants to know, when is Miles’ final performance review and where can we comment?

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Foyt Choo-Choo Chooses New Engineers: Among a plethora of engineering changes at AJ Foyt Racing, Dan Hobbs has arrived from Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to work with regressing Englishman Jack Hawksworth. Apparently Mr. Hobbs has been too busy to update LinkedIn to reflect his recent career changes. A major reshuffling is underway with longtime engineer Don Halliday being kicked upstairs to “Technical Director,” as a great big game of musical chairs continues to play out in south Texas. George Klotz has been orchestrating the tune since October, when the other recent hire from a shrinking Andretti Autosport assumed responsibilities as Team Director. Hopefully the living legend‘s refurbished outfit achieves some results in 2016, finally.


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Sage Replacement Update: Englishman Max Chilton‘s number 8 Chip Ganassi Racing car will carry a beautiful blue and white livery with Gallagher and Co. sponsorship this season. The company sells insurance and manages risk, both of which are highly appropriate for the seemingly snake bit machine. Sage “Wild Man” Karam remains out of a ride – finished, except the 100th 500 – which is extremely unfortunate. We fervently wish certain clueless IndyCar owners would finally stop giving young American racers the heave-ho or, what’s worse, never giving them a chance at all.


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The Never Ending Search For The Fountain of Safety: Flaps, tethers and reworked undercarriages are being passed off as news by the page fillers even though they’re not. We first reported this development way back in November. As previously noted, rear ass pods and rear wings will be tied to the car, as will the nose and front wings on the large ovals. Seems logical. Something fancifully called “dome skids” will be hidden underneath the chassis, all in an effort to avoid a repeat of “Mark Miles’ Flying Circus” and the tragedy at Pocono last August. Happily, the series is also upping the overtake boost on road courses by 50%, to a more discernible 60 horsepower. FINALLY.


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Streets of St. Pete Not So Sweet: Preparations have begun for the season opener in western Florida. You see, it takes a while to transform pot holed city streets into a half-assed IndyCar course. Construction on the temporary street circuit is underway in advance of the long awaited race, scheduled to take place March 13 and to be televised on ABC. Hopefully it goes better than last year. Lovers of the sport, we advocated a Valentine’s Day start to the season but alas, our hearts were broken. It’ll sure be “funtastic” when racing finally gets here though, won’t it?

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Shameless Plug: Finally, with the IndyCar campaign just around the corner it’s a great time to finally get your IRR gear. This season when you’re at the track, look the part.



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