IndyCar’s Irrepressibly Cool List


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

IndyCar’s irrepressibly cool list features impressive impresarios from the pinnacle of motor racing, including personalities, WAGS, tracks and other incredibly cool characteristics of the series.


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Graham Rahal’s fast wife. The newlywed drag racer is among the fastest people on the planet, not to mention she’s downright hot. Having a WAG of Courtney’s caliber in the series is priceless. There’s no denying Mr. Rahal married above his station, which isn’t easy for a legacy IndyCar driver. Just ask Michael Andretti with his many exes.


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Helio’s Twitter handle, @h3lio: It’s clever, brief and to the point – even including his car number – and makes the perfect social media moniker. Too bad most of his Tweets aren’t nearly as interesting as his ID.


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Sage Karam’s fearlessness: Just re-watch last year’s epic Iowa race for evidence, or consult our logical list “Ten Reasons Sage Karam Deserves An IndyCar Ride.” Unfortunately for the young Pennsylvanian, fearlessness can cause fear and revulsion in certain beefy owner’s increasingly hairless heads.


Image from Indy Race Reviewer

Ryan Hunter-Reay in a business suit: He looks amazing in semi formal attire, more than good enough for another line of work in the future if he so chooses. Judging by his political leanings though, Floridians had better hold on to their wallets.


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KV Racing‘s kick ass metallic paint scheme: The metallic silver and black KV car driven only occasionally by Frenchman Sebastien Bourdais is the toughest looking IndyCar livery, possibly ever. They should stick with it and ditch their usually bland colors, which look tired and timid by comparison.


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A.J. Foyt: Having the ornery octogenarian and legend of the sport still involved with his team – even when it’s not particularly successful – is very cool, indeed. His choice of drivers, however . . .


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Racing at Fontana: IndyCar racing at California’s Auto Club Speedway – and most all oval tracks, really – is the coolest form of motorsports in the world. Drivers maneuvering their open wheel vehicles at speeds over two hundred and twenty miles an hour, it just doesn’t get any better than that. While Fontana is off this year’s schedule – thank you Mark Miles – we’re hoping after a regime change at 16th and Georgetown this glaring mistake is corrected.

snark smiles indycar guru3

Rick Mears’ involvement in the series: Another four time Indy 500 winner alongside the great AJ Foyt, Mears’ various roles in the series through the years have added gravitas, grace and style to the series like no one else could. It’s just a shame he still works for Penske.


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Texas Motor Speedway: If you’ve never been to TMS just south of Denton, Texas then you need to attend an IndyCar race there, ASAP. Why so soon? Because the dire direction in which the series is headed, tragically oval track racing is in danger of becoming extinct. It’s just wrong to abandon your heritage.  The coolest place in the entire universe is . . .


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

IMS: Shrine of speed, home of the five hundred miler and all around awesome racetrack, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the epicenter of racing for true fans of artistry on wheels. She may be over a century old and undergoing an epic face lift, but with the 100th running of the Indy 500 approaching IMS shines more brightly than ever as a beacon of scintillation, speed and significance.


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