IndyCar News Week in Review: The Man Who Sold The Indy 500 Edition


Miles Plays Bowie: For the first time in over a century of racing history at the hallowed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Indy 500 has a presenting sponsor. Apparently the price Mark Miles demanded for racing’s soul was roughly seven million dollars  yielding three years’ sponsorship, lots of television mentions and many extremely unhappy fans. Even the rather bland 100th running of the Indy 500 logo has been altered, once again proving the old adage that sucky people always sell out. At least it’s Cap’n Penske approved.


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Rahal Samples Sebring: Getting a jump on pre-season testing, Graham Rahal stretched the legs of his steak burger special in Sebring, Florida last week. The session was closed to the public and press – marked beyond top secret, or special access, wink wink – and the car even had that funky zebra paint scheme to camouflage Honda’s highly controversial aero kit updates. Frankly, that camo livery is almost as scary as the kits themselves.


Ride For Sage: Thanks in some small measure to our creative efforts (we’re taking some credit for it, regardless of the reality), twenty year old near sensation Sage Karam landed a ride for the 100th 500. He’ll be suiting up for May only team Dreyer & Reinbold Racing/Kingdom Racing/Gas Monkey. Yeah, that last one’s a real thing, with former pilot Buddy Rice involved. It was oddly off putting in the PR photos to see Buddy – who’s turning forty this week – still dressed as though he’s a twenty something back in the 1990s. Update failed.


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500 For Stefan?: Younger brother of the late Justin Wilson and sometime driver of the Honda two seater at IMS, Stefan Wilson possibly could land one of the dozen or so one-off rides for the 100th Indy 500. Rumor has it the twenty six year old Englishman could get his big break with an unnamed team in May. If so, he plans to honor Justin by sporting his paint scheme on his helmet. Quite frankly, we hope he can come up with something better than that. Perhaps growing six inches?


Penske Celebrates Fifty: Golden anniversary celebrations commenced at Team Penske HQ last week, with much mad cap zaniness from Will Power, no doubt. Since it took place in North Carolina, few bothered to show up and we certainly didn’t bother covering it.


AJ Turned Eighty One: So what did IRR get for the dear old king of IndyCar as a present? A scathing three part series on his and other owners’ incompetence. Ouch! If one of A.J.’s handlers happens to be reading, tell him we love him and we’re sending him a stylish IRR t-shirt. Is that XXL, then?

IRR tshirts


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