Helpful Advice If You’re Attending the 100th Indy 500


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

Get there early. By early, we mean the day before so you can join in our gate crashing of IMS and unauthorized all night, blowout pre-race party in the infield. Pack your two o’clock in the morning courage and live a little with IRR. Think about it, how can they stop thousands of us? We’ll put Cavin’s measly burger bash to shame and be the ones firing off the cannon at six a.m.


Photo from

Bring lots of beer and booze. We plan to, as our rule of thumb is to bring as much alcohol as you can possibly carry or haul into the Speedway, and then some. Remember they don’t sell spirits on the hallowed grounds, only delicious tenderloins.


Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

Bring even more beer and booze. Often we like to start drinking early, around seven a.m. The pre-race pageantry is so much more enjoyable that way. We dislike running out of beverages with twenty five laps and a red flag to go. If you’ve some left over beers when you’re ready to split, you can always sell them at a profit to those who haven’t heeded our sage advice.


Photo from

Bring lots of food. Some of our favorites include fried racing chicken and delicious deviled racing eggs. Of course some good cheese is always appreciated for pairing with a nice wine. It may be a three hour race, but it’s a three day event.


Photo from

Dress appropriately. We’ve experienced all sorts of weather at the Speedway in May, from freezing and windy to hot and sultry. If you’re a gorgeous racing chick however, then by all means the less dress the better.


Photo from

Meet up with IRR at halftime! We’re planning a meet and greet during the midpoint of the race, barring any spectacular Will Power crashes in which case there will be a slight delay due to excessive celebration. Note: Winners of IRR’s skimpiest dressed contest will receive a special invitation for exclusive post-race festivities.


Photo from

Parking is best done in some total stranger’s yard. It’s a great way to get to know the locals – and boy are they colorful – plus bathroom privileges are always a necessity. Go ahead, see how Indy’s other half lives. We dare you.


Photo from

See something, share something. We’re always on the lookout for great pics of racing beauties in skimpy attire and even the occasional racing photos for our growing website. So take lots of snaps and do share!


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Bring along all your IRR swag from Shop IRR – New! We’re planning an exclusive and FREE autograph session for the public with our outstanding staff. Just don’t expect to get your pen back.

IRR tshirts

Photo from Indy Race Reviewer

Get a room. That is unless you live within a hundred miles of the track like ninety five percent of those who’ll be there, in which case have a designated driver. Every state trooper in Indiana is on duty and in Speedway on race day. Once safely to your destination, continue partying!


Photo from

Be sure to bring a festive piñata to beat the stuffing out of once the 100th running is in the books. We’ll have our Mark Miles and Will Power piñatas with us, you can rest assured. Wanna crack at ’em?


Image from Indy Race Reviewer


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